Violent Video Games: Who's the Solution?

Last week ResumePlay looked at the bad side of the violent video game issue, exploring who was to blame for the problems and overblown perceptions surrounding mature games. Heads rolled and no one was spared. But this week ResumePlay looks at the bright side, to see the silver lining in gamers' future.

These are the people and organizations that protect the game industry, combat ignorance and propaganda, and keep mature games out of kids' hands. The topic here is not whether violent games do or don't affect kids: ResumePlay is concerned with the game industry as a whole. So read on to see who's the champion of the gaming world, the heroes who deserve gamers' fanboyism and praise!

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mau643423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Of course someone from N4G would say that.

Model3423d ago

I dont get, sony Santa Monica should totally be there

SKGamer3423d ago

Mmhmm, Santa Monica was a runner up, right before Epic and Rockstar. Such quality kid titles, you have to admire them.

smashly3423d ago

I like how Nintendo is one of the solutions :)

brandynevils3423d ago

Nintendo IS a solution :)

CheatsMcGee3423d ago

Nintendo is always a great choice for anyone to play.

PirateThom3423d ago

I'll crack open the head of anyone who messes with my violent games!

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