The Wall to support SIXAXIS controllers and other PS3 features

The Wall" will use SIXAXIS controls. [However] SIXAXIS support and other technical details specific for PS3 version are covered by our NDA with SONY.

Read on for more details on The Wall.

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NoUseMerc4129d ago

I edited it and made it an interview posting..

jack who4129d ago

i stil dont get why sony fan use teh omg omg omg this*game* will support SIXAXIS controllers...shouldnt all teh games do that? if so then why must they say it does evertime?

rukusa4129d ago

Shockaxis confirmed!

I actually like how Sony does better work at letting no leaks out.

But Im pretty sure its something to do with rumble. Which sounds like it will be revealed at this years E3.

ichimaru4129d ago

why is this under multi????????????????????????

sumfood4u4129d ago

Rumble will fix everything!