Boom Blox Team Axed

EALA has laid off the Boom Blox team, developers of the Wii puzzle games created in collaboration with Steven Spielberg. The LinkedIn profile of Jeff Dixon has this brief explanation: "Jeff Dixon Has joined the ranks of the EALA departed. The Boom Blox team was laid off today." We spoke briefly with Jeff, who tells us that the team was working on a Natal launch title, and adds: "I strongly believe in the future of Natal." Jeff says 14 employees were cut, and we wish them the best of luck in their job hunts.

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thetamer3814d ago

Nooooooooo! I love this game!

Maticus3814d ago

I so didn't...

Not surprised about this, but sorry for the people out of work

mabreu3814d ago

Sony should acquire them and make Boom Blox for their motion controller.

baum3814d ago

This is how profitable the Wii is for 3rd parties.

tunaks13814d ago

"This is how profitable the Wii is for 3rd parties."

N4g_null3813d ago

I told you it was getting worst. Big publisher are now in recoup mode. Something tells me these big publisher are abot give hd teams the ax also. IW seems to be the first one to go.

Mw2 proved the hardcore are sheep and dispute the yells of boycotting it sold thur the roof. Activision nolonger needs iw. So many aaa games are not worth the dev time to these pubs.

Believe what you will but it's not safe any more. It's put up or shut up time. What is crazy is we have not heard from the 3 that left retro ethier we wanted the concept artist bad too! Oh well. It's going to be rough going forward.

Buam please stop acting like this is the wii's fualt because it's not. Many many hd games just broke even. Hardcore gamers as a whole have let their industry down this includes the devs also.

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Dorjan3814d ago

I thought that game was a great one?

Fyzzu3814d ago

A sad day for fans of innovative and interesting games.

Leord3814d ago

...and a regular day in EA management...

TheLastLevel3814d ago

You sir deserve bubbles.

My condolences to the devs and their families.

SpoonyRedMage3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Wow, the first Boom Blox did really well, the second one did worse but still not bad...

it also seems odd to shut them down half way through a project(probably Boom Blox Natal, especially consider Spielberg).

Smacktard3814d ago

Uh... WHY were they laid off? Boom Blox did absolutely FANTASTICALLY and Bash Party did very well too, considering that it was put out only a year after Boom Blox, and largely remained the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.