Xbox 360 vs PS3: The Darkness Comparison

These screens were taken from a Head-To-Head video feature.

While both games are reported to be content-identical, the IGN narrator points out the quite noticeable visual differences between both versions.

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Violater5941d ago

My take, they both look like crap.
Back to Resistance

JasonPC360PS3Wii5941d ago (Edited 5941d ago )

Ah are you sad because another port looks like sh!t on the PS3?

"Back to Resistance" is right now I'm back to... ok let me look into my library of 360 games that all look better on the 360

Ok we have Rainbow, The Darkness, FEAR, Spider-Man 3, Armored Core 4, Def Jam Icon, NBA Street Homecourt, Virtua Tennis 3, MLB 2K7, Need for Speed Carbon, COD3, Madden, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, NBA 2K7, Fight Night R3, Tony Hawk, Tiger Woods, Splinter Cell DA and Ridge Racer

And now to the PS3 you have Oblivion and then... (sounds of crickets) and you have... (more crickets) well you have Blu-Ray movies.

I know what your Droids excuses are. "devs are lazy" or "you cant use ports for compairing graphics" I say, there you go call the guys who make 90% of your games lazy and unless you can run Gears on a PS3 then the only posible way to side by side is with ports.


EDIT: PSTripleOG I know I'm a prick, I don't know how many times I have to say it before you learn what kind of asshole I am.

PSTripleOG5941d ago (Edited 5941d ago )


Edit: Asshole or Prick, I dont care. Your LINKS mean SHlT to me.... But if it gets you off, Fair is Fair hehehehehehehehe.

Its simple xbots..
360.. i mean 180 = crappy hardware.. Don't expect MSG4 on The Ringer cause it ain't powerful enough..
Ya'll better get used to 1 hour campaign games with same environments from start to finish... "IF" and only if, you can play at least 10 minutes of a game without wrapping your precious 180 with a towel..
Crappy system.........

ImWithStupid5941d ago

you moron, you give xbots a bad name and that's almost impossible...lol

snoop_dizzle5941d ago

just stop.

We don't need a billion links.

jwatt5941d ago

How many of those games look better than Heavenly sword?

The KEN KUTARAGI5941d ago

Really makes me wonder why I paid $600 for the PS3, when my $400 Xbox360 performs most multiplatform titles better...
F*CK SONY! I'm glad they fired me!!

True Gamer King5940d ago

I argree with you 100 percent. But by saying what you said will just cause flame wars. So try not to make sony fans feel to upset. If your going to say how the 360 is better at least say it in a nicer way.

sack5940d ago

pluss why are the Xbox 360 vs PS3: The Darkness Comparison only have picture there not even at the same frame... i think we should still wait for a video.

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kingofps35941d ago (Edited 5941d ago )

PS3 version looks sharper and exciting. I played the game and this article is taking shot a bit away from the comparing shot on the other console. There is not a fair straight up comparion.

Plz ppl, don’t back away from this game looking at this level. There are some really crazy scary good stuff in this game.

Edit: The screenshots do no justise to the game. The game looks very very good.

The game looks "sharper and exciting" on my HDTV than these screenshots.

Actually, the game looks FAR MORE "sharper and exciting" on my HDTV than these screenshots.

Fuk off you bit@h motherfuking hoe @ss su@ker. Happy?

The KEN KUTARAGI5941d ago

You don't do JUSTISE to the word JUSTICE... retard

power of Green 5941d ago (Edited 5941d ago )

Almost the same with the 360 version's lighting is barely more vibrant and little less blurry world and the biggest difference you can see between them is the jaggies in the PS3 version when i say biggest difference i mean hardly any at all. Although people are doing comparison with HDTV's with the console side by side which pics on the net usually handi capp a clear picture by default so the differences might be more profound.

Most will not see and difference(look at bed, edges of walls, street lamps) PS3 looks like it has last genertion over all lighting(alley shots).

360's police cruiser shots look darker when things are suppose to be dark and bright when things are suppose to be bright the PS3 version is over all washed out so to speak" in darkness and brightness.

The kitchen shot i cant tell if both version are different because the charectors are in different parts of the area or if the PS3 version has inferior lighting+ shadowing(like devs said we give up on shadowing just make the PS3 version room all bright forget showdows).

snoop_dizzle5941d ago (Edited 5941d ago )

i would need to see them be shown side by side.

Though the 360 version seems darker(no pun intended)

I say both look great.

Is that allowed?

The KEN KUTARAGI5941d ago

You are such a PU55Y... You really love to play it safe and throw your PC response out there... How do you really feel, or are you THAT afraid of losing some bubbles?

Is it really that surprising that the Xbox360 version looks better?
This is the case time and time again.
The PS3 just isn't as developer friendly for multiplatform titles.

snoop_dizzle5941d ago

1. You don't give the man in your avatar justice. Though you are crazy.

2. Maybe i am just not a fanboy but just a gamer who really doesn't hate any side.

Has that really occurred to you?

From what i see no.

Believe it or not, and get this...

There are actually people who don't hate any side.

As for fear of losing my bubbles, i don't really care.

Maybe i have a high bubble rate because i am not a fan boy, and actually have something intelligent to say.

I guess i can't say the same about you.

As for the screenshots, they basically look the same. Big deal.

My time is money so quit wasting it. Thank you.

The KEN KUTARAGI5941d ago

Your time is money?
Is that why you spent so much of that time posting 7 comments to this single article?
You're an attention wh0re that likes to play it safe so you feel warm and fuzzy and accepted by everyone.
I'm an unbiasd gamer, go ahead and do some research.
And at face value, it's pretty clear to see which game has the edge graphically here, you're just afraid to say it because you might end up having someone not like you, and you just couldn't handle that :-(

snoop_dizzle5941d ago

interested in games.

Now i am sorry if you don't like the fact i post a lot certain days. More recently i haven't really been on the site till a few days ago.

So i am kinda making up for lost time.
And i like this site.
By the looks of it you recently joined N4g.

But really man, whats sad is how immature you are, though not as much as many here. You are so confrontational. Very insecure, and frankly i don't know what else to say to you, but i really don't see a difference aside form darkness. Bad eye sight? Brightness on my monitor not good enough, i dunno man, and frankly i don't care.

So really if you want to stay on topic and talk about this game or other games for that matter, sure.

And frankly if you don't take what i say seriously after this then, fine.
_____________________________ ______________________________ _ __________
AS for the screenshots the 360 version looks a little darker and the PS3 version looks brighter. Not much of a difference.

I suggest looking at in game play on both consoles.

Wouldn't that be the best course of action?

Torch5940d ago (Edited 5940d ago )

Fantastic, cool-headed response as usual, Snoop...it's beyond me how you never fail to lose your bearings...although I can't understand what kind of jollies someone would get from needlessly attacking you of all people - quite likely the most diplomatic and unbiased of all members (Neutral Gamer also comes to mind.)

Rest assured that your input is an important part of these threads and is (obviously) appreciated and respected by the majority; pay no attention to all that anger and noise.

Sean would've been proud...unless, unless you ARE...


BTW: It's funny how those who are so quick to accuse one of committing an innocent typo, are often the very ones who could benefit from a decent string of phonics, grammar and spelling lessons.

NitrogenB5940d ago

Ken aint got no mo bubbles.....too bad.

Diselage5940d ago

Not having a fanboy position? I really don't know, has that been done before on N4G? I'm so confused.

I agree though both look good and they look pretty much a like so get over it i say.

CyberSentinel5940d ago (Edited 5940d ago )

So many of theses lemmings take the easy out, and don't man up to how they really feel. I have more respect for a Bill "wannabe" Gates then a Deep(brownnoser) or Snoop_fizzle because they try to play the sideline to often, when its obvious (to me at least) where they really stand. I would much rather have 1 bubble and say what I really feel, then have 100 bubbles and say nothing.

@4.1 Bubble for you sir.

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Shaka2K65941d ago

Yeah the PS3 version looks better but no wonder beacuase PS3 is the superior console.

fenderputty5941d ago

The 360 has less jaggies. Both look like doggy poo IMO.

True Gamer King5940d ago (Edited 5940d ago )

Don't make stupid comments. The article just said that the 360 version looked better, so by saying yeah it infers that your talking about the article and agree, and when you say that the PS3 version looks better and say yeah to the article it just makes you contradict yourself and seem dumb. So if you disagree with the article for some reason then say "I disagree with the article". Because what you said did not make sence. Also I havn't played eiter versions yet so I'm not sure which versions better, so I'm not getting upset because I think the 360 versions better I just think if your going to post you should do it correctly. If I did have to assume which versions looks better I would say the 360 version just because the fact that all the ports that I have seen so far have looked better on the 360. Oh ya and in no way is the PS3 a superior console.