Devil May Cry MMO Clone, Last Online, Preview - Bright Hub

Bright Hub writes "Last Online is a third-person action game with quests, character customization, combos, mid-air attacks, fast-paced combat, guilds, and adventuring. What's more is that much like the upcoming Huxley the game also sports 100 versus 100 battles in massive battlefields."

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gonzodamus4726d ago

But you know what? It seems nuts and awesome. If I can grab the Beta I just might give it a whirl.

Galaga Master4725d ago

I still have problems getting into MMOs, I'm just waiting for the right title, I wasn't able to fully enjoy RPGs until FF7.

Muckbeast4725d ago

Great review. I never really got into Devil May Cry so not sure I'd be a fan of this game.