Have No Fear God of War Is Here...To Sell Consoles

Ironstarmovement writes: "People have questioned if PlayStation 3 had a "true system seller", most of the greatest games on PS3 have had good launches."

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Lou-Cipher4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

I agree that GoW III will be a big system seller, it will not come close to matching the total number of PS3's that Gran Turismo 5 will sell.

The only franchise that sells more systems than Gran Turismo is the Mario Franchise.

Halo/Final Fantasy/God of War/Zelda don't come even close to the System Seller that is Gran Turismo.

You want to know what is the biggest system seller is. (It's called Variety) and Sony is the only one that seems to know how important that really is.

captain-obvious4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

lol i wonder why this artical is reported, fanboys just cant stand this game
this one is funny

"Lame: (44 minutes ago)
Right, we get it."


but im still reporting it
since its a blog

ps3hasonlyflopgames4720d ago

"People have questioned if PlayStation 3 had a "true system seller

Thats what they said about Killzone 2..

Thats what they said about Resistance 2..

Thats what they said about MGS4..

Don't expect a game that's set to be released at the pit of our current recession to move many consoles..

the ps3 theres no game that is a system seller.

Lou-Cipher4720d ago

What planet are you living on? It certainly isn't Earth.

MGS4 was a Huge System Seller, especially in Japan.

FF13 was a Huge System Seller in Japan, and it will sell some PS3's in Europe & The United States.

God of War III will be a huge System Seller in Europe & The United States.

Gran Turismo 5 will sell more consoles than probably all those put together. GT5 will sell more systems in Japan, than Halo Reach will sell systems on a Worldwide scale.

ps3hasonlyflopgames4720d ago

God of War doesn't have the profile to be a huge system seller.

Very few games actually have enough clout to move tons of systems.. and unfortunately for Sony many of those arent exclusive to them.

Lou-Cipher4720d ago

"God of War doesn't have the profile to be a huge system seller."

Let me remind you what happened at the VGA's

And the most anticipated game for 2010 goes to:


So again I ask. What Planet are you from?

devsgreat4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

i agree 100% with you, the true system seller is yet to come...the end of this year will be big for sony...just like march

captain-obvious4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

why in fu*kin hell
do you argue with a troll named "ps3hasonlyflopgames" ; that have a forza avatar
about GOW3 being a system seller ??

proximately4720d ago


Uhm... Haven't I seen that comment several times when it comes to God of War III already? I have a clear memory of reading that exact same and lame comment. Besides, from what I can remember, some of those games actually managed to boost the PS3 sales :-/ .

Cold 20004720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

I'm going to bookmark this page and promise to post it when the next NPD comes out so better edit your comments while you still can.

Mike134nl4720d ago

Still remember that gran turismo 4 on the ps2 was one of the only games which could be played in 1080i.

davekaos4720d ago

Seems like the 360 fanboys have woken up now, after that gttv blowout of gow3.
Ill admit im still in shock!!

If it sells 1 copy or 1 billion copy's i couldn't care less, all i know is i will be playing this day 1!!

Cold 20004720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

I come from watching the GTTV show less than 5 minutes ago sine I didnt have the time before and though it looks good there is absolutely NO WAY ON PLANET EARTH that its the best looking game.

Previous PS3 games like UC2 or KZ2 look way better and there are futur 360 games like Alan Wake that look better too.

I remember saying a couple of weeks ago that there was A LOT of forced hype for GOW3 graphics and people were saying "its only the old demo" bla bla bla. Now that I've seen the final version...well it STILL doesn't look as good as people are making it out to be.

I think some people are simply desperate to hype its graphics for I'm not sure what reason.

Not saying it looks bad, but not as good as sony fans are saying thats for sure.

edit: @below: yeah I know but its very representative of what happens in the EU for games like GOW3. There would be a bigger difference for games like car sims between USA and EU.

Information Minister4720d ago

@ cold 2000

You do understand that NPD tracks only SOME north american retailers? Ignoring the rest of the world won't make it go away, it will just provide you with a distorted picture of reality.

devsgreat4720d ago

are you drunk cold?? seriously...this game looks even better than cgi...and you compare it to alan wake?? what was supposed to be fun? what you just said?...look at kratos face, look at titans look at the scale...the only game i can remember with better graphics its crysis in max settings!

Cold 20004720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

Look, this is what I watched:

How can you POSSIBLY say that looks better than CGI ? Come on!

Since a PS3 owner would NEVER admit that a 360 game looks better than a PS3 game, thats ok, lets compare it to PS3 games then.

UC2 and KZ2 look BETTER than GOW3.Period. GOW3 looks good but just no way was that revolutionary or anything. If it looked just a bit worse, I think it would even look disappointing.

When the game releases and the hype drops a bit I'm sure nobody will be saying such crazy things.

@DARKNIKON: here are all the latest big GOW3 articles. I'm not in single one of them. So I dont know what the heck you are talking about. Since you are a liar on my ignore list you go. Geez I dont even have the worst trolls on ignore but I cant stand liars.

captain-obvious4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

@Cold 2000
damage control at its finest
dude you're pathetic

look at you posting a 100post per second
"GOW3 lloks good but just no way was that revolutionary or anything."
you're so Fu*ked up you even cant spell "looks" right
and how in hell GOW3 isn't revolutionary
when there is a f*cking titan or two (that is 100000X bigger than you) in the background in real time game play and still manages to get a very impressive CGI game play graphics ??

and why do you doubt that GOW3 is going to move consoles? Heck do all what you wana do and bookmark what ever webpage you want this game IS going to move consoles no matter how you spin things up

want to know why ?
this is the first GOW game on the PS3 if any GOW fan still plays on his PS2 and looking for a next-gen GOW he'll most likely shift to next get and buy he a PS3

D4RkNIKON4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

Cold, you are in every GOW3 article, you watched the GTTV GOW3 blowout and you come here to try and downplay the game because you are so jealous.. Try and compare the visuals from GOW3 and Alan Wake and see what happens. Face Palm.. *And the most anticipated game of 2010 is.. Alan Wake* I don't remember it happening like that do you? Troll some where else loser.

I see you are out of bubbles. You are trying so hard aren't you.

Darkeyes4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

Cold you do know that GTTV vids are always in Sub-HD 960*540 resolution don't you... And all the pics posted by various sites are just taken from there....

You are in for some serious awakening when GOW3 lands... The game looks as good as or even better than PS2 GOW2 CGI which is saying something.... Seriously I know some people here are fanboys, but after seeing that ingame CGI of GOW3 and the scale of the Titans, I can safely say this game is as good looking as the best PS3 games if not even better. Not to mention that the game maintains a 60FPS (changes in combat, but still it's not capped at 30 like UC2 or KZ2).

I don't know what to say... There is no difference between the Cut-scenes and gameplay and the cut scenes look as pretty as that of UC2 or KZ2.... Even the Sub-HD video looks phenomenal!!!

boodybandit4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

captain-obvious you had him at "dude you're pathetic"

Anything after that was a waste of time. Arguing with trolls always is.

GOW3 is astonishing.

lociefer4720d ago

of course we dont have a system seller, we have system sellers, what ? you expected us to be playing halo 24/7 like u guyz do ? no, we have variety

MazzingerZ4720d ago

All exclusive games are somewhow system sellers as they add quality and unique titles to the game library of a console.

I know people that got a PS3 when Everybody's Golf (Hot Shots) came out, that game has a hardcore following in Europe kust like Singstar or Buzz...I know people that got a PS3 as soon as MLB The Show 09 was out...other recently due to Demon's Souls...mostly in any genre PS3 has a AAA game that you can only find there and in many cases the best one in that genre.

I think SONY doesn't have a game that sales 500 K consoles but games that sales 50-100 K in silence during the year, I think they are aware of that and it has always worked well for them and of course its customers. they get variation and new franchises all the time.

Gow3 will probably move around 80-120K consoles during the first weeks after relase...MGS4 moved around 200-250K if I recall right.

All in all the PS3 exclusives library is impressive and keeps growing to a peace that lets clear why Worldwide dev. studios is what you need and not a 1 year headstart...

all PS3 games exclusives keeps moving HW, since day 1 no one purchases the PS3 because it is the cheaper option but because of the franchises they already had even before the price cut.

bjornbear4720d ago

GOWIII will help but it won't be as much as people might expect, but definately more than the previous ones

(didn't sell that much unfortunately =( as in, should have sold more because they are awesome)

but it will still give a great boost for sure =D

lets say, warming up to GT5 ;)

@ Cold 2000

Like Tiamat and the creation of the Tigris and Eufrates river, I say to you....


--> just incase someone doesn't get it =3

Death24944720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

This coming from a guy who has forza3 as his avatar. Forza being the ultimate flop and especially after talking all that noise about GT5. Go back to promoting Alan Wake or Halo:Reach which has been milked to death.

Gears of War 2: wiki

"As of May 7, 2009, Gears of War 2 had sold over 5 million units world wide, bringing the franchise total to 11 million units sold."

Uncharted 2:

Closing in on 4million since November 2009.

Gears 2 launched Nov. 2008 6 months to sell 5 million worldwide

Uncharted 2 launched Nov.2009 3 months to sell 3.8 million.

Microsoft has a 5.million + hardware lead (at the moment)

zeeshan4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

Cold 2000's commnent: ----- "I'm going to bookmark this page and promise to post it when the next NPD comes out so better edit your comments while you still can"

@cold2000: What a SAD and PATHETIC life you have there :)

sikbeta4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

I mean GOW3 will sell Amazingly, but Playstation Already Have a SYSTEM SELLER and that's Polyphony Digital GRAN TURISMO

Gamers FTW!!!

Saaking4720d ago

I don't expect GOWIII to sell millions on day one. It will, however, have long legs just like most PS3 exclusives.

2Spock4720d ago

God will you people stop saying this. I have seen this so many time....OMG...OMG...Killzone 2 is going to sell so many systems....OMG....OMG LBP is going to sell so many systems.....OMG....OMG MGS4 is going to sell so many consoles....OMG...OMG...Unchar ted 2 is going to sell so many consoles. And it never happens. The only game that might push alot of consoles is GT5 plain and simple.

FACTUAL evidence4720d ago

GOW3 is a system seller. I actually know 4 people with ps2's that wanted to buy a ps3 if gow3 came out.

ChozenWoan4720d ago

But the only problem is that every time I go to walmart and such they are sold out of PS3s. Sony is gonna have to open a new plant or expand the one they have to meet the ever growing demand. They have the games, the price, the console that does it all. Now they just need to get that console on the streets asap.

Killjoy30004720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

So far you've bookmarked almost every N4G article. How much time do you have on your hands? Are you looking for a triumphant day on a forum to boost your self-esteem or something? Must be a sad life for you, especially when you don't know how wrong you will when God of War 3 drops. It's the only game besides MAG that 360 players that I know personally are jealous over. My entire school wants God of War 3, but only a sleet few have a PS3. What does that tell you? They've certainly acquired a reputation in the industry.

God of War

God of War II

God of War: Chains of Olympus

They've all exceeded 3 million units if I'm not mistaken. So yes, it's a huge franchise and has the ability to sell systems.

xXjxXdOggY4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

after all the games the sony die hards claim to be xbox killers ( lair,LBP, haze,mgs4,killzone 2,resistance 1 and 2,mag etc) that this one is something to brag about and def will move systems. This game is the reason i waited in line for 16 hours for launch day ps3 then when that one broke i rebought a slim.

DevastationEve4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

but the only people that console sales should really matter to are the console manufacturers.

This gen a true system seller needs these attributes:

-it needs to display the console for every feature it's capable of
(GoW 3 only shows off amazing tech, no sixaxis support or online)

-it needs to have mass appeal to a wide variety of gamers
(GoW 3 is a hack n slash game for mature audiences)

-it needs to integrate with or support the console's online service
(GoW might use PSN for DLC, but again no online multiplayer)

Nikuma4720d ago

The fanboy goggles are strong with this one.

DevastationEve4719d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

God of War 3 won't sell consoles. People might be interested in it, but the ones who have the most interest in it are the ones who've been waiting since their purchase of a PS3. They're God of War fans from the previous gen, and consequently have already made their purchase this gen. And it was either an Xbox 360 or a PS3, but they wouldn't have waited until GoW 3 to come out before buying a PS3.

They're the hardcore gamers, and hardcore gamers buy their consoles TODAY, not 3 years later when the game they want finally comes out.

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yoghurt4720d ago

With some good marketing this game will sell by the bucket load.

If you have any interest in games, and you have a few hundred $, I cannot see why you wouldn't get this

Ive been gaming for 20 odd years, uncharted 2 blew me away and I thought it'd be a while before I saw a game come close - well with the footage I have seen alone of this game that has just happened

sony are lining up an absolutely stellar range of games, they are not messing about

Young Capwn4720d ago

I just wanna know what this studio will be working on next! Its by far one of the best studios around! you know there gonna jump right into their next project. I bet somwhere down the line they will make a further back prequel.

I always thought it would be awesome to control Kratos while he was in one of his huge battles with like a Dynasty warriors feel, with thousands of enemies around you.

D4RkNIKON4720d ago

Santa Monica is a Sony First party studio too, along with Naughty Dog MS just doesn't stand a chance.

kanetheking4720d ago

they said gow don't end at gow3. they could keep makeing more.

graciousd4720d ago

If you guys are interested in the latest scans from OPM France, just check this out

OmegaSlayer4720d ago

I already imagine Kratos tearing Hermes' feet to take his boots...

HurstDarkStar4720d ago

GoW3 is guaranted to sell 2-3 million day one!

plb4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

Preorders are currently at less than 400,000 so not sure how it's going to pull that off. Bad Company 2 has nearly the same amount of preorders for xbox 360 alone.

Omega44720d ago

It will be lucky to sell 1ml week one let alone day one.

Just remember GOWs biggest fanbase is in the US NOT Europe like a lot of the big PS3 sellers and we all know how PS3 games sell in the US.

Mike134nl4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

But it lacks the appeal to be a big system seller, yes it will sell systems, but I am referring to the amount.

Too much blood in this game to appeal to everybody not to mention the number of countries which are going to ban this game.

Also I don't think God of war on the ps2 sold more than 3 million worldwide, considering the number of ps2 vs the numbers of ps3. I am pretty confident it won't sell 2 million on day one. But who knows we will have to wait and see.

swiftshot934720d ago

Well judging by pre-orders GOWIII is set to have a better week 1 than Mass Effect 2....

Darkeyes4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

ME2 had like 250-300K pre orders a week before and the number rose in the last week... I predict the same surge with GOW3 in the last week to around 500-600K, the game is gonna sell. There are many who go on day 1 to buy a game and the game has won the most anticipated game of 2010 for various sources including VGA.

If UC2 could cross 3.5 million, then I can easily predict the same if not more for GOW3... Not dissing UC2, but GOW3 has a far huge following. Even 4-5 million isn't farfetched for a game this huge.

The crap thing is that Sony is not pulling enough PS3s in the market to meet the demands.... How can you do it Sony!!!??? At a time of GOW3!!! Sony finds different ways of fu*king itself.

bjornbear4720d ago

judging by pre-orders i'd say it will be lucky if it breaks 1M, maybe 1.5M day one

but thats fine, considering its an exclusive and its first appearance on a this generation, it will do quite well =)

remember, most Sony exclusives have long legs =) This game will reach the numbers you state and even more over time, just like MGS4, LBP, U2...etc...are doing =D

which is cool because I feel this game will be a MUST for any gamer regardless of platform

it will be awesome =) (even if you just rent it)

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