´Heavy Rain´ to turn the tide for PS3

The PlayStation3 exclusive ´Heavy Rain´ is likely to turn the tide for the console, which has been trailing its competitors up until now. The installed hardware base is now within close range of the Xbox360 and – if buyers perceive a better line-up of games – could be set to overtake it this year...

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hatchimatchi5225d ago

Great article, i've been following this site for a while. Surprised I never saw any of his other stuff on n4g before.

GreenRingOfLife5225d ago

Right now its only 8.9 on metacritic so its not even AAA

But it doesnt matter because I already have a PS3 and am loving the game

Heavy Rain ftw

captain-obvious5225d ago

" I already have a PS3 and am loving the game "

what’s your PSN ID ?
I think I and the rest of us in here are interested in seeing what trophies you got for HR


Michael-Jackson5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

Take a pic of your PS3 with your user name or give PSNID, no one believes you.

GreenRingOfLife5225d ago

I dont give out my PSN because I dont want my inbox to be spammed with messages

captain-obvious5225d ago

yah right
at least you've could send it to my on a PM
but since you don't have PS3
because your mother didn't buy you one
you wont have a PSNID with trophies in it


Saaking5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

LMAO at GreenRing

I give out my XBL and I don't get spammed with messages (heck it's on my bio). The reason you can't give us a PSN ID is becuase you DON'T have a PS3.

Anyways, the game is no doubt amazing. I actually enjoyed it more than ME2. This game actually makes you feel for the characters and the decisions you make. ME2 was a great shooter with good RPG elements, but Heavy Rain is just on a completely higher level. That's just my opinion. I know that the large majority of gamers won't like Heavy Rain, but I sure did and I recommend it to anyone looking for a unique title that's worth the money.

whoelse5224d ago

They say this for every game, but the reality is the it is the collection of all the titles that make an impact, not just one. Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain and God of War III as a collection will turn a lot of people to the platform.

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Ninji5225d ago

Heavy Rain isn't a game that will move consoles. It looks good but God of War 3 is what will move consoles. If consoles were bought around Heavy Rain's launch then it was more than likely to get ready for God of War 3 (though I'm sure some of them will still play Heavy Rain too).

IdleLeeSiuLung5225d ago

As much as Heavy Rain is great (based on the reviews), there is no way it will be the turning point. Why? Because it is a niche title. Besides it got a measly 100k pre-orders. Respectable for a niche title, but no where near what a popular game alone sells in the first hours let alone the first day.

If anything, it should have been Metal Gear Solid 4, if not that then it was KillZone 2 and now we are hoping it will come with God of War 3 or Gran Turismo 5.

Frankly of the games I see, only GT5 is the likely turning point while GoW franchise isn't as strong as some that is already released judging by it's past history. So why would that change with the third installment?

FF XIII could have been it, but have now gone multi-platform. We saw the resurgence of PS3 sales in Japan upon the release of FF XIII.

Anon19745225d ago

The only reason the 360 is ahead is because it was launched early. At one point it was ahead 9 million consoles and if Sony hits their ship targets for the end of March and the 360 stays it's course that lead will be whittled down to about 4 million.

Seriously. The PS3 has outsold the 360 head to head ever since it was available worldwide. This idea that it's somehow "trailing" when it's been outselling it's closest rival since launch just leaves me scratching my head.

As for Heavy Rain, I loved Indigo Prophecy and I'll be picking up this title but I agree above. I don't see Heavy Rain as a game that's going to move many consoles. It's kinda a niche title.

pimpmaster5225d ago

yea right, you gotta be stupid as hell to say heavy rain is gonna sell ps3s. one game doesnt sell consoles other than halo gta or cod which are iconic games all selling over 5 mil. heavy rain is a new ip also is niche and a big ripoff personaly.

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unchartedgoty5225d ago

the ps3 has the game of the decade. literally look it up in vgchartz.com its number 4. and its called metal gear solid 4. so if you want to talk about turning the tide...the tide was never needed to be turned, if this article is talking about sales sonys doing damn fine like 3 million behind. also uncharted 2 is the 2nd greatest game in my life. so peace to all gamers...ps3 owners or not, and if u dont want it, screw you.

Doletskaya5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

but I don't think a game that has a 87 on metacritics and around 250k first day sales will be influential enough to even move the tide any bit at all.Im so sick of people hyping every single PS3 exclusive to the extreme.MAG the best online shooter??WKC the best JRPG this gen??Give me a break.

callahan095224d ago

But MAG definitely IS the best online shooter. After getting into it, I can't go back to that boring small-scale peanuts stuff anymore.

Ronster3165225d ago

Now taking in to account that Shenmue rapes Heavy Rain sideways, why would anyone buy a ps3 for this game when they couldn't be bothered to buy a Dreamcast for Shenmue?

I genuinely hope this game FLOPS.

captain-obvious5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

why should they buy a Dreamcast ?
if they are a Sony fanboy ( AKA Droids ) as you stated
they would be playing on their PS2's
right ?

do you even have a brain so you can use it to think ?

and guess what

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Please stop comparing video games to movies

"Many video games catch not only great commercial attention but remarkable critical attention as well. We have seen games like Heavy Rain, The Last of Us Part II, and even entries in the Metal Gear series described as fantastic interactive experiences, even heralded in the same way as Hollywood's greatest films.

I would suggest that not only is this an unfair comparison but also a harmful one. Video games, by their very nature, are an intricately different medium and should be weighed against one another rather than another form of media," Phillip writes for GF365.

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