PS3 in full production, says Sony

After overcoming its blue laser problems, the Japanese giant is confident that its newest console will match the 115 million units sold by the Playstation 2.

This year's increases in GaN-based blue semiconductor laser manufacturing capacity are making Sony confident of meeting its Playstation 3 sales targets, with the company expecting to ship 11 million consoles in the twelve months to April 2008.

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MaximusPrime4228d ago

me too... im confident that PS3 will become successful within the next 6 months.
Glad PS3 is in FULL production. Keep it strong Sony!

cuco334228d ago

wasn't there an article saying that there was a reduction in sales targets, meaning reduced production, meaning hitting 'full' production was already done?

is this MORE hype?

not bad though. sadly nintendo needs to step up their game... wii's STILL can't be found anywhere!

TruthHurts4228d ago

its over for sony in........... 5mins. lol?

on topic: keep it moving.

Torch4228d ago

Unfortunately, it doesn't fare too well on this website.

It's like asking Forrest Gump to explain the Theory of Relativity. ;)

PS360WII4228d ago

Well the only problem with sarcasm is that it's easy to get when you hear it but near impossible to know that it's sarcasm when reading it.

Torch4228d ago

"Japanese giant is confident that its newest console will match the 115 million units sold by the Playstation 2"

Confident indeed.

Not to say that the PS3 won't be successful...quite the opposite actually.

The thing is that the PS2 has done IMMENSELY well; surely better than any imaginable initial expectations.

But, if the kinks are indeed worked out of PS3's production, perhaps good ol' economies of scale may allow a significant price drop after all.

Furthermore, anyone who's spent any significant time with the sleek machine wouldn't find Sony's claim of a ten-year product life cycle very far-fetched at all. Add to that the recent consensus of Blu-Ray's market dominance, and 115 million sold units may be possible after all.

boi4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

well it mite be possible as Sony won't let the franchise Playstation slip and lose out at all...Sony will put alot of effort and money in to it all...the Playstation franchise won't be out at all...thay spent alot of money on the whole Playstation project to let it lose so the Sony PS3 will be a better machine then it is right now and alot of good news been about PS3 so im pretty sure the PS3 will do alot better soon or later :)

Sony knows what they doing they got all the brains working for them same with 360!

can't wait for 360 and ps3 goin against each other next year when both systems are as good as each other :D

Hydrolex4228d ago

If you hate this sentence disagree !

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The story is too old to be commented.