IGN Reviews "The Darkness" for PS3

IGN reviews The Darkness, on the PS3:

"The Darkness is a wonderfully gruesome adventure. There are some truly dark and even shocking moments in the story...It's too bad that the AI and gameplay mechanics couldn't be smoothed out a bit more to match the impressive visual presentation. The PlayStation 3 version is virtually identical to the 360, other than the occasional aliasing issues and sporadic slowdown."

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Violater4135d ago

As opposed to 7.8, but I guess at least the Margin between the consoles are narrowing come E3 it will Widen in the Ps3's favor

Some nice effect, but the touchy framerate hurts a bit. The Otherworld is particularly cool. The animations in general are weak, though.

razer4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

I disagree. What makes you think it will widen in the PS3's favor??

I have the 360 version of The Darkness, been playing it for hours and it is one smoothe playing game. Absolutley zero slow-down, no framerate issues or AA issues. Makes it sound like the PS3 version has more problems.

The game is fantastic.. Great story, great acting and is one of the few games that really feels like your playing a movie. Starbreeze rocks! I can't wait to see their new Chronicles of Riddick. I think this game deserves at LEAST at 8.5 if not a 9. I question IGN's scores.

JsonHenry4135d ago

but a few slow downs in a game is hardly a big deal is it?

Guess maybe I am just used to gaming on the PC and it does not bother me anymore.

Ebay3rd4135d ago

I think the game is fun as they come at this point. Its different and I believe thats what they were going for...Good job guys...

Arkham4135d ago

I might rent it. It sounds pretty short, and I'm not sure if I'm crazy about multiplayer in this game. I think I'll wait for Rainbow Six.

AznSniper4135d ago

rainbow six beats the darkness in multiplayer

lil bush4135d ago

man, i dont agree with some of ign reviews lately imo this is at least a 8.5 and they gave transformers a 5.7 when that game is acaully pretty damn good, i dont even want to know what there gonna give vegas.........

i think ign just expects to much imo

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The story is too old to be commented.