GTAIV Trailer Update - Two New Screens

To celebrate the release of the second trailer, Xbox360 gamers will be able to download exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV theme and gamer picturess from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Two new screes have been released.

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kdawg2224134d ago

i did not know this was also coming to the wii, the first screen shot looks more like it but the second one look more like a wii version...hmm

XENOCIDE4134d ago

GTAIV has only been confirmed for the 360 n' PS3 gaming systems with the 360 getting "exclusive episodic content" via LIVE.

Rhezin4134d ago

Don't think it's comin out for the wii

LSDARBY4134d ago

lol he was being sarcastic

i hope

Presidentjr4134d ago

The lighting in one of the screens is very impressive whiles the other one , well am not so sure. But this is how GTAIV games are made. Graphics have never been their strongest thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.