Killzone 2 at E3 – Cost $20 Million To Date

Killzone 2 is going to get the full E3 treatment, with its own party in a swanky sushi bar in Santa Monica and everything. It's on at the same time as the Microsoft conference and E3 party, no less! Take that Microsoft!

Apparently Killzone 2, developed by Amsterdam-based Guerilla Games, is the most expensive entertainment project in Dutch history, with a whopping great budget in excess of $20 million (£10 million).

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Shadow Flare4133d ago

to the microsoft conference then?

Babylonian4133d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Sony is playing Microsoft at their own game.

Great, I finally got 2 bubbles and now I'm back to one. Thank you Xbots, I guess you couldn't handle the pressure and you all reacted out on me. Well no matter, I don't blame you for being pissed because of the "Ring of Death". I would be angry too if I had such a flawed console.

WAR4133d ago

lol...This is something that MS would pull..But business is WAR

JsonHenry4133d ago

Why would anyone care about Killzone after playing the first one?

Yes, I know the E3 CGI trailer looked AWESOME... but come on guys, do you really think the game is going to look even close to that?

Kaneda4133d ago

"Why would anyone care about Killzone after playing the first one?

Yes, I know the E3 CGI trailer looked AWESOME... but come on guys, do you really think the game is going to look even close to that?"

Crysis is looking like that...why wouldn't other new games be that good? I am not saying Killzone is crysis...but with money...anything possible...:) We shall see Killzone @ E3...

Blabbermouth4133d ago

I didn't think it was that bad of a game. If your talking about the looks, its actually a really good looking game, once you get past the first two levels(the first two levels are really boring looking). As for the gameplay I thought it wasn't too bad, not amazing, but it was ok.

If you look back at it now,it did a few things first. A few games today copied it to an extent, Gears of War copied the look of the sprinting, both Gears of War and the Riddick game copied the animated melee kills.

psycho3604132d ago


You dumb or what? Crysis is looking like that cuz its running on a system with a vga card more expensive then the ps3 itself. If sony wanted their console to play games and cost $700, then instead of bluray, they should have included an expensive vga card in it so that it cud come up with crysis like graphics. But they wanted to push their video player instead.

Machety4132d ago

" It's on at the same time as the Microsoft conference and E3 party, no less! Take that Microsoft!"

Wow that is so evil, why would Sony do such a think.Well, I guess that's how the buisiness is then. Anyway, I think that Microsoft might also try to do something like at the time of Sony's Presentation, but the only think is that they really dont have anygame that would justify missing a Sony Presentation. The best they have is Halo 3, and we all saw that already. The thing is that Sony and Nitendo have a lot more that would amaze you than Microsoft.

sack4132d ago

but they use killzone to counter microsoft e3... am i right???

original seed4132d ago

Each Media (site, journalist, etc) dont usually work solo. This means that they can be in two places. So for example, Ziff davis (1up show) will send a couple people to get the scoop on KZ2 and others will attend Microsofts event.

Personally, i hope the release media either good or bad on Killzone. I hope they are not bound by contract to be silent. That would suck.

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supnub54133d ago

21mill actually, plus these news are old if you go to and their killzone page you'll see that 21mill news has been posted there like 6 months

Monchichi0254132d ago

That is def. a lot of money for a game.

But then again, "Water World" was also once the most expensive movie ever to be made.

The NY Yankees have had the highest payroll in Baseball and haven't won a championship.

Killzone 2 may have a lot of money put in it but it does not have any solid foundation to stand on. The first one was HORRIBLE (yes I did play it) and all part 2 is, is a continuation of the same game.

Kleptic4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

ha Terminator 2 was also once the most expensive movie made...and it still is awesome...

and what are you talking about with the Yankees?...what does that even mean?


dude like 16 years later...All of Cameron's action movies are some of the best...True Lies was great...The Abyss is still one of my all time favorites...and who could forget the orginal Terminator followed by Aliens...oh yeah and Titanic was the greatest action moive, w/e...

Only action movies to compete with T1/T2 (the third one was a disaster) the original Die Hard...that one is tough to beat, despite being totally different...haha I still have all my T2 collector cards and action figures from 3rd grade...

Anyone remember T2 the arcade game...where you gun thing...It never got a good port (I had it on Game Gear, oh man it sucked)...but that was one of my favorite arcade games of my childhood...

pLaystation4132d ago

Terminator 2 = Best Movie EVER 10 year later it still holds up.

QuackPot4132d ago

Star Wars is the greatest movie ever....

It set a whole new standard for blockbusters which all others follows.

Sounds familiar....with gaming consoles. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

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Bill Gates4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

SONY is gonna rub this game in Micro$haft's face ALL SUMMER LONG...hahaha

Halo lovers will begin to be rip-sh1t at M$, and Bungie for putting out crap on a "next-gen" hardware. Their love for Halo will FADE AWAY when this game is shown more and more....HAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAHA HHA



pwnsause4133d ago

Bill Your're the funniest guy on this site ever!!!!! lolz

Vojkan4133d ago

LOL "Bill Gates" i gave you positive feedback and "agreed" just because you are so crazy and never give up LOL

Not my thing but i fond it entertaining

reaperxciv4133d ago

why don't you buy sony so you'd be a sony fanboy too? so, how's you olympic sized swimming pool doin?

Machety4132d ago

How come 26 people agrees with the guy but he still have 1 bubble. Can someone tell me how this site works. By the ways, I want my freaking bubbles

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Ebay3rd4133d ago

Hope the game is as fun as it was expensive to make... I don't care if the budget was $65 in, long as its fun....

bigmack4133d ago

the halo3 beta sucked @ss. warhawk beta was waaaaaaaaaay better.

Machety4132d ago

I really dont why these XBots took my bubbles off for sayin the same comment. I agree with you man, Halo 3 is cool but Warhawk is offering so much more. I really dont see the big deal with Halo 3 anyway. I really hope killzone 2 kills the Halo 3.

Satanas4132d ago

Sorry bigmack, but seeing as your gamertag is "XBOTS SUCKS" (which is grammatically incorrect anyhow) your opinion is not valid.

Although I do think the Warhawk beta is quite fun. I wish I got in...