Fatal Inertia Gameplay Video

The video is not the best, but you definitely get a feel for the gameplay.

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OutLaw5834d ago

It looks like another Wipe Out game. Also even though the video wasn't clear there is no way I would buy a $600 PS3 for a game that looks like that. They better come correct if they want my money.

achira5834d ago

outlaw you need not to buy this game, you must buy resistance, then we will play multiplayer, lol

schnodder5834d ago

i liked wipeout so this could be a nice game ... but in this video it looks kinda lame + i think the ps3 can do better graphics like that.

sry english is my 2nd language

Cyclonus5834d ago

I thought the video was playing at half speed, until I saw the time counter....looks as slow as Motorstorm

Lionel Hutz5834d ago

I don't see anything interesting about this game. I think I would do one race, put it down and just be glad that I would never play it again. Granted, the video quality certainly did not aid the graphics, but the game-play itself looked pretty weak. I simply do not know who would find this entertaining, especially entertaining enough to spend around $60. I think all PS3 fans like me should look to other games like Resistance (as achira stated earlier) and Assassin's Creed.

MISSY E5834d ago (Edited 5834d ago )

Looks like a ps2 game, i think its safe to say that we can call Sonys new console the ps2.5 most of the time.

Shadow Flare5834d ago

Truthfully i'm a playstation fan, but what was that s*** playing on my pc? That game doesn't interest me at all. That's not really the ps3's fault to be fair though, it's the developers of that game...ugh that was awful.

But remember that most developers have only recently received final dev kits so these games were created on older less powerful dev kits, and it shows...

BOOSTIN5833d ago

even though it may not have been made on a final dev kit. doesnt mean the specs werent the same. the original ps3 dev kits were the size of pc's. they just made everything fit into a normal ps3 case. thats the only difference. so i hope you like the graphics!

Shadow Flare5833d ago

your saying the only difference between old and final dev kits is the size of it, not its power or specs? Then why were some developers complaining about not getting final dev kits then? Think before u write idiot.

Heavenly Sword only uses 20% of the ps3's power, Gears of War 2 uses 80% of the 360's power. These are the early games that werent created on the ps3 final dev kits, and the graphics are only touching the surface of the ps3's capabilities

nirwanda5833d ago

the dev kit's are just about finished the RSX chip was finished 2 month's ago and the cell chip has been in all 7 iteration's of the ps3 dev kit the main difference is the blue ray which is being emulated by dvd roms and there will be a handfull of other stuff to add like a working HDMI, where have I got this information from SONY as repoted by edge from the devsation conference in an interview with SN-systems

Anyway this game looks awfull buy a gamecube and F-Zero X for next to nothing or buy the inferior psp wipeout for your psp

How can you judge how much power a game is using heavenly sword use more power than you thing it uses an spe for hair physic's alone who knows how many it will use or how much power it will end up using it may not even make launch yet! and will improve even beyond the impressive showing at E3
gear's of war using the UR3 engine and is not even optimized for the DX10 stuff the 360 can do as it was originally developed for the PC so guessing how much power both games will use is impossible

Shadow Flare5833d ago

when i write my comments, i tend to use logical thinking more than technical know-how, so forgive me if i dont understand some of ur post. You had some fair points though

As far as power, i dont care what specs people throw at me, i just know the cell chip is more powerful than anything inside the 360, but we'll see if it is with games in the future

As far as Fatal Inertia, i couldnt care less if it wasnt a launch title lol

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