MTV making Project Natal game

CVG: Microsoft has confirmed that MTV, EA and Ubisoft have been working on software for Project Natal since June last year.

The news increases the possibility that a new Rock Band game - MTV and subsidiary Harmonix's flagship games product - will be compatible with the motion sensing device.

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ryuzu3280d ago

And this is PS3 news because....?

Oh yeah, flamebait - that's it.


archemides5183280d ago

natal is PR BS...omg the possibilities!!!!!!!!! they have to say that cuz they haven't come up with anything yet. and WONT.

plb3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Could be huge if done right. New meaning to the term "air guitar"

MajesticBeast3280d ago

New meaning to looking like a dumbass.

TOO PAWNED3280d ago

embarrassing. I guess cool if you are 5 yr old

plb3280d ago

@MajesticBeast Hey if air guitar worked for Tom Cruise I suppose it could work for Natal. :)

MajesticBeast3280d ago

Im just waiting for Xylophone hero and triangle band. I wouldnt use Tom Cruise as a example anymore:P

Rockox3280d ago

There's no way these games would let you get away with not needing any peripherals. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

MajesticBeast3280d ago

Knowing Ea and Activision a plectrum of 50$ xD

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