God Of War 3:Kratos Fury review

Our intrepid reporter helps herself to a God of War III-inspired beverage from the local 7-Eleven. Can her taste buds withstand the blueberry/lime intensity that is the Kratos Fury Slurpee?

I'm not sure if Mother Nature ever intended blueberry and lime to go together; and if she did, the Kratos Fury Slurpee is probably not what she had in mind for their glorious union.

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Cyrax_875235d ago

Why don't we get these in Australia? I want to taste the fury!

ClownBelt5235d ago

You cannot handle the fury!

FanOfGaming5235d ago

ah Hem *coughs* finds the same story on this page http://www.gamepro.com/arti...

JoeReno5235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

"I don't feel any special inclination to buy the game, having had a Kratos Fury Slurpee for breakfast; but I don't feel less-inclined to buy it, either."

As for the flavor, I liked it. kinda tastes like an energy drink, and reminded me a bit of the Ironman flavor. My review score would be 9/10. That said, I don't know if I would drink a crap load of them for some home T-shirts, but I did drink 3 of them over the month to get the Dynamic theme.

JGA5235d ago

I thought it was pretty good. So did my friend.

thereapersson5235d ago

If mixing this with rum would taste good?

I'm sure it would lead to one hell of a hangover... lol

weazel5235d ago

Blue raspberry slush-puppy with vodka is the nuts!

Commander TK5235d ago

"If mixing this with rum would taste good?"

Jack Sparrow says yes, but the rum is always gone.

NeloAnjelo5235d ago

Man I would love to get the Dynamic theme. Screw everything else. Once again the UK gets shafted again!

DigitalAnalog5235d ago

We have 7-11 practically in every block in the street. Heck there is a section where you can literally see 3 7-11's just metres away from each other. And Hong Kongers LOVE GOW (GOW collection sold out in 1 day), SO WHY NOT BRING THAT PROMOTION HERE???

-End statement

Sagetech5235d ago

Now we know how Kratos killed Zeus XD

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JL2930229d ago

Both requels over 2 and 3? Clowns. Those are two of the most boring games I've ever played.

Snookies12229d ago

GoW 3 was amazing, but I personally hated just one thing. (This is on me alone, because I was dumb, lol.) I hated that you couldn't skip cutscenes on repeat playthroughs. I had to go back through the game a third time because I missed one trophy accidentally on my way to the platinum... The cutscenes were great the first go round, even the second... But the third was pretty agonizing.

Haven't played Ragnarok, but I still think GoW 4 is a wonderful game in its own right. Not sure how I would stack them up against each other honestly.

Monstieur229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I don't consider the reboot part of the original series. The original series were high-skill games with combos and rewards for mixing things up.