Kingdom Hearts coded's senior planner talks about the game's future

Kingdom Hearts coded's senior planner, Jun Kato, talks about his personal wishes for the game to be brought to the wider public.

"Kato apparently confided his desire to be able to put the game to a larger audience, given that relatively few people can play 'coded' on its current platform (NTT DoCoMo phones). Alas, it's not easy to understand what he means by that, whether it be that he wants the the game to be more available on a real console or simply on other phone models."

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tunaks13902d ago

hopefully they will release it on WiiWare and the PSN store

BlackIceJoe3902d ago

I think it would be cool to have Kingdom Hearts Coded come out on the PSP. Because if it stays only as a phone game there is a slim it will come out of Japan. So I would be all for a PSP version.

N4BmpS3901d ago

I think the PSP is most fitting They might as well keep it on a hand held although Having it on PSN seems like another nice approach. But they probably don't want to give anyone the impression of what they're gonna do with KH3