Overlord review

Overlord. The new Xbox 360 exclusive, Is it good to be bad? or to bad to be any good?

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original seed5637d ago

but still i think it desrved at the very least a 7.5. I played the Demo on live and i could tell it was not my cup of tea. I liked Pikimin because you actually cared for the little flowers and didn't want to see any harm come to them. I can care less for the Minions. That being said, the graphics are nice and its a pretty funny game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5637d ago

You "cared for the little flowers"?

original seed5637d ago

It was just sad to see them get gobbled. Afterall they did follow your every command.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5636d ago (Edited 5636d ago )

PS I wasnt bashing, It just struck my funny bone to hear someone say they cared for flowers. Only in the gaming world can this happen.

Havince5637d ago

i cared bout the minions, the way they ran around with pumpkins on there heads and brought you things not thinking of keeping them for themselves. plus they were strangely cute looking lol

original seed5637d ago

and i choose the minions on The Darkness. Now its funny that you can find clothes around the city and your Minions will actually wear them depending if they are in the mood while the kill the enemies (In the Darkness)

SuperSaiyan45636d ago

Not sure if I want to get this but I agree with original seed.

The Darkness this friday gets my money will get Overlord at some other stage.

FCOLitsjustagame5636d ago

I dont expect this to be an AAA title just a good title that is fun to play. I expect it will be and will buy it. Reviews so far have been around 6-8. I guess this maybe one of those you like it if you "get it" type games due to the humor in it.

The review in question for this article was pretty useless as it didnt do much but complain that this is a pikiman ripoff. To which I say, so what? I mean if pikiman was a good game its good to have someone emulate it. How many FPS, TPS, RTS, RPG do we have. Now we have two of these games. One is cutsy with flowers. One is cutsy with minions. I prefer minions myself, but thats me.

MK_Red5636d ago

Haven't played it myself but I think for a game thats supposed to be really EVIL, toning the violence and other adult content for a watered down T for Teen was the biggest mistake. Overlord could have been a really sweet and crazy M rated game but they went for T...

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