Wiikly WiiWare Wiiview: WarMen Tactics, Art of Balance, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All

From the review:

"Whoever is in charge of advertising for this game is a liar. Yes, that is perhaps a bold statement on my part. I will even agree that my claim might be a little childish…but this person (or persons) is a liar, liar, pants on fire. And at the same time, they may very well be a marketing genius because they have managed to take WarMen Tactics and con gamers into thinking this will actually be a fun and exciting experience. Sure, that's obviously what you want people to think when you're trying to get them to buy something, but it really takes some balls to deceive consumers on such a level."

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Go Gaming Giant3795d ago

Lol, nice 0/10 = worst game ever

Murgatroyd73794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Well, I would say there is still a fair number of games that are worse than this, but the dishonesty coupled with the high price point for a game that is a dollar on the iPhone (they're the exact same game) make this game not worthy of a score. It doesn't really even deserve to be reviewed, but I'm hoping I can help keep at least a few people from getting duped.