PS3 version of Rainbow 6:Vegas Review From 1UP

For anyone holding out to play the PlayStation 3 version of Rainbow Six: Vegas, the wait has certainly yielded the most generous version of the game so far. It's a substantial and feature-packed game: It includes all the features of the 360 version (bar the Vision Cam face-mapping technology) and the recently released Player's Pack Red Edition, new multiplayer maps, and some extra tweaks like using the Sixaxis to control the under-the-door snake camera.

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MK_Red4131d ago

8.5 is usually a great score but for Vegas? I hear PS3 version is no different than 360 one and 360 version got a 9 or something.

Seraphim4131d ago

as already stated, the 360 version got the same score. But what I'm LOL at is it looks like they took snippets from the original 360 review and posted them w/ the PS3 review. I glanced over the 360 review and saw several portions which exactly the same as the 360 review... WTH!?

Rims4131d ago

MK_Red. The 360 version also got 8.5.

tehcellownu4131d ago

It looks like im goin to be gettin this game..i rent fear since it was a crappy port..didnt bother to get it..

FirstknighT4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

A few weeks ago a video compared both version and the 360 clearly had the edge in graphics. The differences were pretty big. That is why the 360 gets a well deserved 9. Great game. Pick it up!

*EDIT* Nope...sorry son, but the graphics are better on the 360. This has already been discussed. And please 9 disagrees is nothing. I got 67 disagrees once. You sony boys take life to seriously. HAHA

Here is the video and proof...

Get pwned again sony suckas! Oh man it's to easy proving you sony suckas wrong. The 360 wins another multiplatform comparison! :)

PSTripleOG4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Both versions are the same.... Dont try to start a flame war, i will do that. hehehehehehehe

(EDIT) FirstknighT, maybe you should keep your mouth shut, look at all them Disagree's, PRlCK :(

EDIT again.... FirstknighT you are desparate, just like microshaft and Bill gates (takes it up the arse), you need to chill and stop being a coward.... PRICK:)

LSDARBY4131d ago

lol denial.
360 got an 8.5 aswell

harpua4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

bwaaaaaaaah, the review at yahoo said the PS3 actually had some visual improvements. nice try fright...but don't worry, if i owned an xbox 30% i'd be pretty insecure about it as well.

toughNAME4131d ago

get out of her you pansy sony boys hes right click the link

free features + lesser grpahics DOES NOT equal that hugee delay in the 2 versions

CrazzyMan4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

well atleast, i haven`t seen that much during those 2 month i am here. =)

about multiplatform, is doing best multiplatofrm comparison, so just wait and we will see, who was right. :)
for now, all those comparisons are bullsh1t. =P

p.s.anyone to help return my 4th bubble back? thnx. =)

Loudninja4131d ago

WHo were hte 4 that agree? all your alt accounts?

nanometric4131d ago

Let me correct you, thats 48 disagrees =D

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ImWithStupid4131d ago

!!!!!!!F!!!!!!! this game,people should boycott it to teach UBi a lesson about meeting deadlines. Pushed back 5 times in one month...that's just pitiful.

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