The Strategic Advantages of Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One

Backwards Compatibility had been one of the most requested features that most fans thought would never work but to our surprise Microsoft has delivered. There was much speculation as to how this would play out but after a few weeks we can now delve into the ramifications of this announcement.

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StrayaKNT2268d ago

Bc is the biggest game changer of this generation.

feelforlove2268d ago

keep believing in that buddy. let's hope that will help Xbox One to win at least in US when they're crushed everywhere else.

StrayaKNT2268d ago

Lol that's great for you dude but I couldn't care less if ps4 has sold 2 billion consoles and Microsoft sold 5 thousand, it still doesn't change the fact that there are over 7 brutal exclusives on the Xbox one and only one niche exclusive playable on the ps4 IMO enjoy these amazing sales though, hopefully one day you will play some amazing games that you didn't have to kickstart. Take care dude and stop stalking me lol you look really hurt by doing that.

mikeslemonade2267d ago

lol at aussie's logic

he says "for you dude" and then he says "he doesn't care if ps4 sold 2 bil and X1 sold 5 thousand"

So clearly you are thinking for yourself too.

Sales equal more games. There's a correlation to that.

And I don't see the BC increasing much of the sales.

feelforlove2267d ago

you don't care about sales but you like to point it out that Halo 5 has the most preorders?

SpaceRanger2267d ago

You're right. It's what's gonna send Xbox to the top just like the Wii U! I mean the Wii U has been doing exceptional because of the right out of the box feature to play all of last gen.'s Wii games. /s

It's a great and nifty feature man, believe me it's a big leap forward from the entertainment/TV focused Xbox of 2013. But it's in no way the "game changer of this generation" like you state. The PS3 had it and the Wii U has it.

justlikeme2267d ago

It's not a game changer, but it is a big F U to PSNow.

Intranquill2267d ago

What are you going on about? "7 brutal exclusives"? They're the same core franchises that have been the heart of Xbox and it's community since it's inception. And if you're talking about anything other than Gears, Halo, and Forza, then you're more of a cloud headed fan boy than I originally believed. Because no one, and I mean no one, is craving to play games like Ryse, Dead Rising 3, or any other "brutal exclusive" other than the 3 I mentioned.

You can pretend PS4 has no games/exclusives, that's ok. Luckily what you think and the games I play contradict one another, so my gaming library will speak for itself. But overall, how the hell does playing decade old games on new hardware give you the "biggest game changer of this generation"? I'm genuinely curious why you think that is.

If everyone wanted to play these old games, then they bought the wrong system in the first place, and if everyone already has these games, chances are they already own a 360. So I don't see a big advantage. Who would want to move from the solid and easy to use 360, to the overly cumbersome and awful OS that is the One?

Oh, nice list of titles there for 2016. Let's see what PS4 has in store that's announced.

Ratchet and Clank reboot
Uncharted 4
The Last Guardian

Not counting anything I've surely missed/what's yet to be announced, and all the awesome looking indie games that, in my opinion, both One and PS4 are successful in.

You can be a fan boy dude, just don't be one that supports stuff with opinions and "facts" and this "because I said so" mentality.

spoonard2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Backwards compatibility is not a game changer at this point. Had MS had it ready with the launch of the Xbone, then it would have made a bigger difference. But people aren't going to run out and buy a new console so they can play games from LAST generation on it. At this point, it's people who already own the console that are cheering about it because they kept their old 360's and were holding off on buying a Xbone.

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feelforlove2268d ago

7 brutal exclusives? and not 1 scored 90+ on metacritic? and highest rated Xbox One "exclusive" is an indie game playable on pc?

lolosgolos2267d ago

They don't have to score 90 on meta to be excellent games of which they are

christocolus2268d ago

Nice Article. Great job Ticgn. I like what MS is currently doing with Fallout 4 and Rainbow 6, i hope they keep doing this with upcoming exclusives and third party titles.

Lenrulesdaworld2267d ago

Yeah, my guys have been doing a good job of really looking at the situation and direction MS is in. There still a few ways ways to go but they have been on the right track and consumers are taking notice. Happy Phil is in charge, him & the team have made a real positive difference with the xbox division.

XanderZane2267d ago

True, with the B/C the XB1 is starting to get more positive press and with all these exclusives coming out st the end of the year, it should help the XB1 sell more system. It seems it will have a decent lineup of games to kick off 2016 as well.

StrayaKNT2267d ago

Quantum break
Sea of thieves
Gears 4

That's all the AAA games we know of so far and they are all coming in 2016 with recore and quantum break to kick the year. 2016 could be the best year for xbox depending on what we see at gamescom.

thecowsaysmoo2267d ago

Don't forget Forza Horizon 3, we all know that game is coming.

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