Corrupt Xbox Live Moderator

I came across this earlier and I wanted everyone to see it, clearly Microsoft's process of appointing Moderators isn't quite up to scratch.

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rroded3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

i say they need more of these esp on mw2

besides this vid proves nothing for all we know the poster was glitching like mad prior ta posting this.

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Sillyace923790d ago

That seems so obviously faked. His "capture card" just had to malfunction at that exact time. He could have easily edited the video to make it seem like he banned him.

InfectedDK3790d ago

Well he can't prove that he didn't do things that he really needed to get banned for..

Blaze9293790d ago

Wow lol. Although the mod was probably in the right and had a legitimate reason to ban the dude - he was a total ass though. Like some punk who is maybe 4ft tall who hides behind their xbox with too much power in their hand. Forward to Jesus? Wtf was that?

blue7xx73790d ago

Yeah I agree I don't necessarily get what the Mod did wrong I mean sure he shouldn't have threatened to ban all his consoles. But this guy doesn't provide the whole story and the Mod does mention that he did something wrong while broadcasting in justin tv and most people who broadcast there use cheats and glitches. So this is pretty stupid since he heavily edited this why not provide the full story seems he is hiding something.

The_Count3790d ago

Look at his channel. He's got a modded xbox so his fault.

RememberThe3573790d ago

Being an Xbox Live moderator doesn't mean your a powerful person. Somebody was bullied is school when they were a kid.

But I don't get where he was in the wrong. He was just being a douche.

vickers5003790d ago

"Somebody was bullied is school when they were a kid."

No, I think this guy was the bully in school. He just couldn't get a job that required the slightest amount of intellect, but still wanted the power to push people around, so he became an xbox live moderator.

menoyou3790d ago

this is why gay ass mods should be nowhere on the net.

FACTUAL evidence3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Only on xbox live. Joking, but i didn't see what the mod did wrong...They sorta provoked the mod if you ask me. He's a jerk though. =p

BattleAxe3790d ago

This is one reason why I prefer PS3. Non of this crap ever happens on there. They don't ban.

TengkuAmir103790d ago

No.1 , This video was a set-up.

No.2 , You can only find these type of A-holes who make fake shi*s on.....

No.3 , Only on XBOX LIVE.

Rob Hornecker3790d ago

Is it just me or does anyone else think that MW2 vs mode seems to bring out the worst in people? And non gaming friends wonder why I don't use a mic when playing that game. In fact I have gotten to the point that I found MW2 just No fun to play any more!

MS needs to review there moderators and make sure there doing what they should be there for.

Rainstorm813789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

does it seem like people that are extreme to the 360 defend Microsoft as a company more than they defend Gamers? So many of you just immediately side with the mod and assume the guy did something wrong to get banned are you guys gamers or shareholders??

I talk alot of trash in multiplayer games and if i ever got banned just for trash talking, i wouldnt support the company or its products.

As many racist people as it is on XBLA and talking trash is a bannable offense? I dont know the entire story bu talking trash is your right as everyone in this country has freedom of speech. You would think an american console maker would defend this right more than its overseas competition.

BTW the Pro was being a di<khead i wouldve got on his case too.

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tdrules3790d ago

if people want a response, they should be forwarding this to Major Nelson on twitter, email etc.
he cant be silent about it if enough people mention it

PtRoLLFacE3790d ago

corrupt lol well that guy must have done something to piss the moderator, if he got baned for trash talking or what ever he did before of well he deserved, and for what it seems the mod gave him a couple of warnings.

Panthers3790d ago

You shouldnt get banned for pissing someone off. I dont know M$ terms of service, but just because someone get pissed, that doesnt mean they should be able to ban whomever they want. Mods shouldnt talk like that either. They should be kind. M$ does not want people like that representing their company.

Now I do not know what this dude did, but Mods shouldnt always be threatening everyone with the ban hammer just because he can.

headwing453790d ago

lol, this made me giggle

I can't picture anything Microsoft as 'kind'

SimbaDoozle3790d ago

The guy was an arrogant prick, you seriously cannot side with this guy.

JD_Shadow3790d ago

Why not? People let MS get away with everything ELSE!

JeffGUNZ3790d ago

Yeah, but how convienet that we didn't see what the player did prior to the mod. sending him a message. I bet this guy was glitching or using a modded xbox. The mod. seemed to have given him many opportunities to stop whatever he was doing but he didn't. Severs him right.

orange-skittle3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

When did this become a Microsoft debate. This is about a guy getting banned by a moderator. You're telling me that if a cop steals from a bank you will crucify his precinct because of the actions of that individual? I used the cop as a reference because he is an authoritative figure. We don't know the whole story. We saw edited video and have no evidence to what was posted on JustinTV prior to this. I am sure it was a glitch and he was warned beforehand. The mod even told him where he could send his complaints to while mentioning that he was probably being recorded.


Did you see how smooth that interface and all that stuff was easy to navigate through and how accessible it is? I wish the PS3 was on point like that.

captain-obvious3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

yes XBL got more content and smooth
but PSN is easy to navigate and accessible , its just slow

@Disagree all you want
thats the truth

van-essa3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

let it go bro, people aren't going to stop paying for it because yo say so.
Doesn't Sony make money on HOME selling virtual houses,cloths, trees... If they could get people to pay for PSN they'd do it.

ActionBastard3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

How smooth the interface was? What does that matter when you get banned? Grasping at straws just leaves your hands cut.

Also iFLOWLIKEWATER, if you think the XMB is difficult to navigate, add "Palin" to your handle.

EDIT: No Trig, I'm not mad :)

thief3790d ago

"Did you see how smooth that interface"
Believe it or not, the PSN interface is smoother and easier to navigate. One of the things the PSN does better despite not charging for it.

feelintheflow3790d ago

Didn't you know. Sony is a not for profit company. They make games and give away free psn because they care about people and don't want to make any money. They are pure as the driven snow. They have never done anything wrong in the history of the company. I think Ghandi and Mother Theresa actually started them. I know that all the executives live in a monastery. There is a huge energy source of light in the ceo office that tells them to give everything away for free, and its only the evil dealings of Microsoft that makes Sony charge for its games and console.

Oh wait. Sorry, I have been reading too many posts on N4G lately.


Best believe there isn't nor won't be any type of mod support on the PS3 for free...anytime soon. Why do you think Sony is going to start charging people for certain enhancements for PSN?

What you do get for free on PSN is great. But if you think its up to par with what Live offers then you're delusional. I mean, with your statement, condescending in its tone, ask "people pay for this?". Can I easily go to a report system on the PS3 for people that f*ck up my gaming experience? NO.

DelbertGrady3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I especially like the way everything you've played and downloaded are stacked on top of each other in the PS3 interface. With no categorization at all. It quickly creates a very smooth mess. I also love how you can't join the games your friends are playing with one button click like on Xbox Live. It's just so unsmooth.

ZombieNinjaPanda3790d ago


1) Go to Xmb
2) Hit Square
3) ????
4) Profit!

divideby03790d ago

cpt obvi....I disgreed cause PSN is NOT slow....we have a 5M/10M cable connection and Live, PSN and PC are run fine...
I just downloaded the Yak demo and it took < 8 mins... and that was on Sat mid morning..during prime time

its on your end.....

Orange Juice3790d ago

I especially like the way that soda has no ps3 so he has no clue that you can just hit square and categorize everything in folders in one second. However he just spreads FUD trying to make it seem like he has one when its obvious the Target kiosk is the closest he's come to playing one. 299.99 isn't that much, buddy. At least buy one so you can bash it correctly without sounding like a jealous fool.

thesummerofgeorge3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

made a fool out of you for making sh!t up?

ActionBastard3790d ago

Soda, that was made of fail. You obviously don't have a PS3 nor used the XMB.

glennc3790d ago

the trolls are out in force today.

El_Colombiano3790d ago

Soda isn't going to rear his ugly face in here again. Not after that above me!

N4BmpS3790d ago

I have a question, how does Soda have that many bubbles? He has 5 and I have 1 more than him, kinda makes me sad. :( <-------- (see?) anyway yeah like everyone else said Soda when you go to your friends house and look at him navigate through his PS3 actually look pick up the controller and explore it for yourself. Because when you just glance at it and say it's unorganized or its unsmoothe(not a real word btw)you sound like an idiot.

orange-skittle3789d ago

and he's right. The XMB is damn mess. No it's not as easy to navigate as the 360 interface. You PS3 loyalist think it is because you're used to a clusterf*ck of nonsense. The screen loads every buddy on your list. It has to load in trophies and you can't just click a buddy and have it pop up. Secondly, to get your messages you have to go to RECEIVED instead of clicking the name of the person. You can't join a game by highlighting your buddy and getting sent to their session. Why is their a voice mask? Why are people still throwing around the fact that the PS3 is free. There's a reason it's one would pay for it. I'm glad it it's free, but if they charged more than $20 a year for would stay offline. I like the fact that my Netflix is integrated with my 360, Facebook is accessible w/o having my laptop in front of me, is like XM radio, and Zune shows new movies, tv shows, movie trailers, and music videos. I also get to try out every game before I purchase it(unlike PSN). I still cant download PS3 games on my PS3. Now they are relasing GAME ROOM on XBL, so you can create your own gaming zone w/ downloaded arcade games(vitual world for your avatar). That's where my $50 is going. Lets see Sony do all that for free

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