God Of War III New Blades!

The new trailer for God of war 3 titled "chaos will rise" that was released last week reveals all new blades! Check out the pictures.


SPOILER ALERT: Blades of Exile are going to be the third pair of chained blades Kratos uses as weapons. They are given to Kratos in the beginning of God of War III. The blades will replace the Blades of Athena as Kratos' primary weapons. The new blades also have a slightly different design.

The blades are expected to have the similar attacks like the predecessors, the Blades of Chaos and Blades of Athena.

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ClownBelt3796d ago

He needs to use vaseline on those hands. yuck!

Killjoy30003796d ago

I already noticed this in the trailer.

LordMarius3796d ago

I didn't notice
but yeah thanks for the spoilers, now I all I can do is speculate

tony67673796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Those blades are awesome!!
Thx for the information!!

Lilith_Belial3796d ago

I read about this somewhere else, these are given to Kratos in Hades by a pissed off ghost of Athena who wants Zeus to pay for leaving her to die like that in GOW II

tony67673795d ago

Where did you get this information? and how do you know that the ghost of athena returns?

Lilith_Belial3795d ago

I don't remember, but I'm 100% honest, trust me, Athena is pissed off, so she gives Kratos the Blades of Exile, I think in Hades, not so sure about the last part.

tony67673795d ago

OH YEAH.. you're right! i just saw it on wiki. Its true, she gives him the blades of exile in the underworld. She also tells him something about extinguishing the flame of olympus to defeat zeus. This game will be EPIC!

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