How will British standby laws affect consoles?

The British government recently set plans in motion to outlaw the standby feature on all technology, citing that eight percent of all their energy consumption comes from the feature.

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*b1tch slaps the government*


just build enviromentally friendly energy plant's using hydro, solar or turbine power. it's only 8% they have to cover.

this way, electronics won't have to be specially manufactured for the UK (which will drive up costs) and uk gamers dont get cut off from the wii and 360 services.

BenzMoney5404d ago

First of all, they're not OUTLAWING standby - they're going to introduce rules to make the feature follow strict guidelines. Think about it - they can't outlaw something like this now. That would mean that any device that listens for radio communications would be outlawed. Garage door openers, your tv remote control (to turn the tv on or off), cordless phones, etc, etc.

I personally think its a good idea that they make the rules more strict. People leave their computers on standby all day - that's not necessary. Leaving your 360 on all day if you're not using it - not necessary. Sure it goes in "low power mode" but not as low as turning it off.

The thing is that when you DO turn it "off" it'll still be in standby listening for your wireless controller to turn it back on. They won't outlaw THIS feature.

Finally, 8% is a LOT of power. Almost a TENTH of all power consumption?! If they can reduce power consumption by even 5% - that's a HUGE savings in wasted energy. Good on them. Energy isn't free people, and it won't be abundant forever.

joemutt5404d ago

I hate the standby lights, I dont need a light to tell me its on standby.

My flatscreen has a horrible standby light, it literally lights the whole room late at night when my eyes adjust.

I put a piece of black electrical tape over it, but I am still paying the power bill for that light to shine.

joemutt5404d ago

Or do you not understand english?

If something I said was confusing, ask me to clarify it, instead of being confusing yourself.

Scrooge5404d ago

and 25% of their energy is used to heat up boiling water for tea.... that's why we do iced tea in america.

joemutt5404d ago

You have to boil water to brew iced tea, then you have to freeze water to make it "Iced Tea"

So it takes more energy to make "American Tea" than it does "English Tea"

And the new "cold brew" that just came out tastes like crap.

I am an american too, just bashing your "America is better then everyone else" attitude, because we arent.

Witewunder5404d ago (Edited 5404d ago )

I think scrooge was referring to the american way of iced tea. Take tea flavored syrup, mix with water, and presto... American iced tea. No heat, and even no ice! ;)

Oh and I forgot... NO TEA!

Scrooge5403d ago

hey, lighten up, its just a joke. plus, Ive lived in Europe, Africa, and Brazil, so Im not your typical american. Go enjoy a nice cup of energy-conserving lipton iced tea.