Stargate Worlds Cheyenne Mountain is Bankrupt

This is such a shame. What a waste. Stargate fans around the world are not pleased to see this company file chapter 11 bankruptcy dashing their hopes of the launch of the Stargate Worlds massively multiplayer online role playing game.

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Cajun Chicken3795d ago

There seems to be a curse where it comes to Stargate franchise videogames. I've been waiting so long for a perfect game to actually come out. Sad really.

wohoo3795d ago

In case there's confusion, Chapter 11 doesn't mean they're closing the studio or anything. Work continues as usual, they're just looking to restructure their debt so they can pay it off.

onlinemmo3795d ago

I know right? I am a huge stargate fan and this news saddens me. Why in the world didn't this launch at the height of the Stargate craze? It should have been given to a different development company.

Cajun Chicken3795d ago

Well, there was this, the recently released looking subpar Stargate Resistance MMO that's actually been released and ages ago, there was this GREAT looking UE run SG1 FPS called the 'SG1: The Alliance', go look it up, 'Alliance' looked like a SG1's fans dream. Real shame that one got canceled.

BlackIceJoe3795d ago

This really sucks. I have really enjoyed the Stargate TV series and would love to see how Stargate would work as a game. But every time there looks like Stargate could have a fun game it gets canceled. I really wish MGM would get there act together and help get a SG game out the door. Plus I think MGM should bring SG back to theaters. JJ Abrams did a great job with Star Trek and I so want to see some one bring SG back to the movie theaters. Plus just make it a reimagining of the series or remake it and I would go and see it. So to see SGW canceled sucks because another SG game bits the dust. This SG curse needs to stop soon.

3795d ago
Sarick3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

With all the MMO's flooding the market a developer needs more then a brand name or franchise to keep them afloat. The extra effort in the product must stand out above the competition. It must maintain a loyal user base to support it.

One could only imagine how well the Star Trek MMO would have fared if it wasn't based on Star Trek but something like Star Ship Troopers. It's no denying that the MMO and gaming industry market is full of competition these days. If a developer can't crank out an MMO that excels at new subscriptions or maintains a loyal base, it doesn't matter if it's free or otherwise that product will get hit with the pink slip sooner or later.

People seem to think that because one franchise is popular it'll succeed. They tend to forget that people who are interested in online gaming have almost endless choices these days. One person might be interested in say Stargate but also interested in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, Star Trek and Warcraft.

They obviously can't choose to play or subscribe to all of them at once. This is where the MMO succeeds or fails. If the MMO can't stand out and hold it's user base's interest the competition will get them! This means that the customers made a choice to select one brand above the others and sadly, the gamers make a choice of who they want but the develops are at fault if they can't maintain the content or user interest.

This is why they go bankrupt. It's not always true that because something has a lot of fans that it'll survive. It doesn't matter if everyone in the world is interested in something because, if they're interested interested in something else more they'll more likely make the choice that best best services their interest. If they have limited choice options the less favored options will always get left in the dust.

Also, MMO's aren't like TV shows where you can maintain multiples every week. You only spend about one hour per show. With MMO's you could spend hours completing an event. This doesn't leave much time to multi-task like we can do with TV shows.

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