Game Republic Developing Monster Kingdom

The secret developer behind Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 3 RPG Monster Kingdom has been revealed. Game Republic is working on this title, company president Yoshiki Okamoto announced via his blog today.

Following a recent check of the game, Okamoto made note of the beautiful visuals, thrilling battles, great monster designs and abundance of hardcore gameplay elements. He expects a playable version to be ready in the not so distant future.

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again, what is with the jaggies and low end pc graphics? i though the PS3 was going to usher in a new era in hyper-realistic gaming?

specialguest5408d ago (Edited 5408d ago )

i can explain the jaggies. sometimes when images are optimized up beyond it's actual res. you tend to see jaggies or vice versa.

example: notice how jagged it the car model looks. when you actually click on the invisble button that appears on the bottom right side corner to view it in it's actual pixels, Walla! crisp sharpe and jaggiless.

in this case, a low res image was blown up. take any low res image and blow it up to triple or more the size and the image quality suffers.

zypher5408d ago

dude, thats just a poor-quality image. try this one instead. its taken from the same news source

HighCod5408d ago

Flaming a poor-quality image....good job!

Dragonopolis5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

When looking at different high res screen shots of linux distros the smaller or thumbnail high res screen shot look really bad - because it was actually in low resolution. I had to click on the picture to increase the size of inorder for the High res shot to look good. Not all websites are clear cut about it and some assume you know already. I've seen some really small print way off somewhere on the screen telling people to click on pictures for a full image.

Imagine if someone took a snapshot of a thumbnail or shrunk version of a High res screen shot then tried blowing it up - it would be horrible.

Since it is a snapshot of a Thumbnail, all you did is capture a low res image with no other information to go on.

Sure the thumbnail/smaller picture said it was a Higher Res picture but it was ment to be click on and take to the larger much better looking picture.

I suggest people do a little more hunting before they just throw a picture up. I've seen this happen before on both Xbox 360 and PS3 games. I love my Xbox 360 but I do believe the PS3 has no problem pumping out 720p and 1080p graphics with little to no jaggies.

Screenshots don't do games justice anyways. I believe more PS3 fans would by an xbox 360 right now if the saw a great game on a decent HDTV. Matter of fact, it was a Hastings (video rental/bookstore for those who don't know what Hastings is) setup that sold me on getting an Xbox 360. The only time I'd seen an Xbox in HD was at Walmart and it sucked. Also Walmart doesn't like to show violent games (Call of Duty was the most violent I've seen) and unfortunately violent games tend to have all the pretty graphics. Hastings used a beautiful Monitor capable of HD an I was blown away.

So don't go by screenshots. Just wait for a great High res video representation of actual game play to get a more acurrate view. Even that's no gaurantee but at least you can experience some of the extras that breath life into the game a screenshot can't provide.

Anyway, here's hopen it will deliver what they claim it will deliver.