GoGamer 48 Hour Madness - PS3 Titles from $9.90 + More

" just kicked off their latest 48 Hour Madness Sale!

Check it out:"

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red2tango3799d ago

$49.90 for GOW3 is a steal!

Darkstorn3798d ago

Apart from that, it's mostly 'meh.' When you take shipping into account, Amazon is technically a better deal.

TheIneffableBob3798d ago

GoGamer's shipping is $3. So for God of War 3, that would be $53 from GoGamer and $57 from Amazon + shipping. Though, depending on how quickly you want your game, Amazon might be better if you have Prime (2-day shipping instead of something like 4-7 day shipping from GoGamer).

Daoshai3797d ago

your forgetting that Amazon gives you $10 for your next gaming purchase with GoW 3. Since I've preordered Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Heavy Rain, that's $30 off my GoW preorder.

Note: $20 off Battfield Bad Company 2, mmmmmm

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Michael-Jackson3798d ago

It's username is the spoiler, Might be real, so Avoid!!!

Knightrid8083798d ago

Wow those are some killer deals.

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