Jackass: The Hands-on

When you typically hear the words "No guts, no glory," you often think of risking everything for the possibility of accomplishing something incredible. Many times this is associated with a stunt or a death-defying performance that pushes the envelope of safety and sanity. Toss in a large streak of mischief and you have Jackass, MTV's ground (and bone) breaking television show.

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Diselage4133d ago

If this game amounts to anything i will be surprised.

sumfood4u4132d ago

You'll feel like a Jack~A$$ once you bought this game! lol

Ignorant Fanboy4132d ago

At a party or something, would be a good time to pull this one out.

Its just a bunch of mini games that anyone can pick up, play, go piss, play some more, go get a beer, pass the controller, laugh at your buddy for breaking his neck.....see where Im getting?

If you sit at home and play this by youself, you need help, but with a bunch of friends, your ok.