Heavy Rain: Hot Images to show Madison compared to Jacqui Ainsley

Jacqui Ainsley is the sexy real life model for the Heavy Rain character Madison Paige. There are some images that compare Madison Paige and Jacqui Ainsley (plus sexy mo-cap-suit images) after the link.

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TheBlackSmoke3788d ago

Wow, that resemblance is really astonishing, i think we are about one more gen away from having to do a double take when looking at video games vs real life.

...and yeah shes smoking hot.

Saaking3788d ago

Who would disagree with Pikutara? lol.

ThatArtGuy3788d ago

Probably someone who likes boys, or think he isn't telling the truth.

sikbeta3788d ago


Seriously I don't know WHY he got disagrees


Definitely Beauty

It Only Does Beautiful Ladies... PLAY B3YOND...

skwidd3788d ago

She is smokin'! I'm glad beauty is subjective, leaves me with less competition XD The one with the lingerie/stockings is hawt!

But the pics are kinda funny in the sense that she looks more real digitally in some pics. Lol. The model pics look very airbrushed and "clean" and sleek.

TheDudeAbides3788d ago

power of the cell man, power of the cell, you can't resist it lol

MNicholas3788d ago

The actual actress is certainly good looking but a bit bony and lacking in muscle tone. It happens to a lot of people, men and women, once they grow out of the party phase (which, ironically, is when they tend to be the most fit). Looks like they smoothed out her body and made her a bit curvier and toned in the game.

It's remarkable how well they reproduced the facial features.

I'm split regarding the hair style.

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4pocalyps33788d ago

Goddamn i didn't know that the actor of Madison was that freaking hot.

Blaze9293788d ago

I know that's your personal opinion and all...but this is N4G where opinion's don't matter and she's not THAT hot...

4pocalyps33788d ago

Ok apparently people don't know what I'm thinking and can know what i think is hot or not judging by the disagrees lol

But yeah she isn't THAT hot. I'm not praising her to be the hottest girl on the planet but i didn't realise she was as good looking as that.

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PotNoodle3788d ago

Watch this article heat up to the top quickly.

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The story is too old to be commented.