First General Issues with StarCraft II Beta

UGDB is reporting the first general issues with the StarCraft II Beta...

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Tarmgar3799d ago

And this is why it's good to have betas.

Panthers3799d ago

Had an issue where i could not even start the game, but after updating my drivers, it works good. I need to upgrade my PC though so I can run it on ultra settings. Amazing [email protected]!

sukru3799d ago

I'm still waiting to be invited in one of these "waves". StarCraft was (and still is) a good game, and I can't be excited enough about getting the continuation of the story.

mittwaffen3798d ago

I7 issues, you have to be kidding me; its Hyper threading that isn't compatible. Disable HT or set the affinity within windows to the physical cores.

Mikeyy3798d ago

I have no performance issues with SC2 and I run an i7.

goldene3553798d ago

Same here. I have an i7 and I haven't had any performance issues with the beta.

chak_3798d ago

let's not report as news every bug in a BETA shall we?

Altourus3798d ago

Same here, no issues. Its odd to see so many people responding that have played it. At any given time Ive only ever seen 3000 people online.