F.E.A.R.: Control and Conquer All Map Pack (Free)

Straight from Major Nelson, word has come down of a free map pack and along with the ability to unlock two new Multiplayer Modes, "Control" and "Conquer All," on all your original FEAR multiplayer maps. In Control you capture areas of the map and must keep them from being recaptured by enemy forces. In Conquer All mode, your scoring is based on how many kills your team racks up and how many control points you have at the end of the round.

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Diselage4135d ago

Should be a welcomed addition to those still playing the game, especially for the price.

THWIP4135d ago

...this is essentially the same content that was supposedly "exclusive" to the PS3 version.

zonetrooper54135d ago

I've got this game but its kinda pointless now, the game online is kinda dead to be honest, like nobody is playing it. Great game though, shame nobody plays it.

Havince4134d ago

so ill download it and see what happens

esemce4134d ago

And every online game seem like its a ranked match where you have to exit and search for a new game when its over ? cos thats why i stopped playimg it.