Report: ESRB Enforcing Game Trailer Ratings

New notices sent to Gamasutra from D3 Publisher and Take-Two are implying the ESRB is seeking new oversight to officially rate publisher-produced game media and trailers in a similar manner to the film industry.

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PS360WII4186d ago

what big heads they are getting...

Presidentjr4186d ago

This makes sense. I think they are doing this because of the vibe they got back after giving Manhunt 2 a rating of AO.

Tsalagi4186d ago

The last time i checked i was grown and didn't need some group to monitor what i see and do. They might as well come to each and every gamers house, slap us across the face, and say " you are too stupid to make your own decisions". Hopefully all this will end when election season is over and the politicians go back to not caring.

MK_Red4186d ago

WTF!!Now studios will release E rated trailers and more E games.
They are censoring the trailers this way (Forcing developers to use watered down trailers or face high ratings) Then how can they make a GTA or Mortal Kombat trailer and not get a 18+ rating?
Gamers didn't do much against Manhunt2 censorship and now they advancing even more. These aren't games but online trailers, ONLINE! They shouldn;t be censored and rated. And sites like GameTrailers and GameVideos already have age asking vids. Say no to censorship.

pwnsause4186d ago

heres an idea for everyone, protest

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