Beware Trophy Hunters: Thou Shall Not Pass

TheGamersHub Writes:

"EA is going to be shutting down the online servers for LOTR: Conquest so all you trophy/ achievement hunters beware. To put it another way, hurry up and get that platinum!"

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Pennywise3823d ago

This game was D.O.A. - Does anyone actually play this?

WildArmed3823d ago

The game was very fun... during the demo.
i went out and bought this PoS and hated the full game.

Still <3 the demo though.
Since no1 plays this, i think it's fine that they are shutting down the servers

AntoineDcoolette3823d ago

Isn't this game just little over a year old? Great job boning the people who bought the game EA

mastiffchild3823d ago

You know it's a risk when you buy ANY game n PSN OR Live that the servers can be pulled at any time by EA. Add to this the fact that LOTR was one of the weakest reviewing games in an age and it's no shock it's on the way out-I doub t ,many people play it on either platform to be honest.

It's a pain for completionists but, seriously, what's in it for EA to continue keeping something like this on life support when even if they made DLC noone would buy it or play it?

NobleRed3823d ago

Should reset the Crapcenaries 2 servers because everyone who bought Mercs 2 before the Trophy patch can't get the platinum.

Tatooted Millionair anyone?

WildArmed3823d ago

i still got it.. oddly enough D:

aftrdark213823d ago

Even started a new game with a new character, still nothing.

Dave13513823d ago

Didnt this game just come out not too long ago?

SB_tanker3823d ago

Is this what EA always does? Shut down their online servers after a year? This isnt even a sports game! WTF is the point of making an online game with online trophies if they just get shut down after a year. Apparently its impossible to get online trophies and thus the platinum for EA games older than 1 year. F*CK U EA! All games should retain their online capabilities until the end of the generation. Even if they are baren! Otherwise theres no point in buying/playing them at all.