The Decade That Was: Tragic Missteps

Despite all the inspirational leadership and technological innovation that have guided the growth of gaming over the past ten years, the medium hasn't been without its hiccups. Videogames are big business, and any industry that generates tens of billions of dollars each year is inevitably going to see its share of high-profile, high-cost failures.

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Marcello4788d ago

Very good article, for me the biggest tragedy is wat happened to Squaresoft.

"Unfortunately, that movie-The Spirits Within-was a slow, plodding affair that was a little too "Japanese" in tone for the American target audience, too "videogame" for the mainstream, and not nearly "Final Fantasy" enough for fans. Moviegoers were bored and baffled; gamers were offended."

That is a spot explanation of wat was wrong with The Spirits Within