5 Xbox 360 Games To Dominate E3

After 2009 gave 360 fans only a smattering of console exclusives, 2010 is aready shaping up to be the biggest year in the machine's history. Here's a rundown of the top five 360 games we predict will dominate this year's E3

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blizzard_cool3192d ago

Ok, I get the other three games but since when is Natal a game? And didn't they say that Gears 3 won't be on this generation of consoles?

Bungie3192d ago

i wish Rare announce killer instinct 3 this E3

it would be soo good

SL1M DADDY3192d ago

Sorry, but isn't PGR5 being developed by somebody other than the original dev and Natal, isn't that more hype right now that actual game? How is it that people overlook Nintendo and Sony when it comes to domination this early in the game... Oh yeah, because only MS has diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to over hyping their product...

captain-obvious3192d ago

i think this years E3 well be heavily focused on NATAL and its games on MS's side because i feel that they got out with everything they got for now

but Sony well announce a lot of games since their is a lot of rumoured Sony games going around
and some wand demo’s / games but it wont be that much


Nothing has been confirmed for Gears 3. The only info popping up about it seems to be people who don't want it to come out.

Anyway, the 360 has a great line up, even though I don't particularly care for every game(just 1). I think they said they had a game for the first 6 or so months this year. No dry spell for 360 owners and definately not one for multi console owners.


Slimdaddy, this isn't a PS3 article, nor Nintendo. But if this article is in those sections then my apologies.

SL1M DADDY3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

By default, the article is about the other two companies considering that the article is about the 360 "dominating" E3. By saying that the author presumes to say that the PS3 and Wii will have little to offer and that they will not make the cut against the 360. So I ask, is it hype or is it fact? What shows you that the 360 is the obvious bet to make when Sony and Ninty have not even shown their cards?

iFLOWLIKEWATER3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Point taken, but you seem to want to insult MS instead of the website in which this article is from.

Yeah, it seems like a trend may set in with each company taking turns with a bunch of games. But really, we'll have to wait until E3 to see what's what.

whoelse3192d ago

Is it just me or have Microsoft and Sony swapped places this year? Normally we know about almost everything that Sony has to offer for the year in advance, while Microsoft is more hush. But in 2010, Sony's fall line up is more unclear, but we appear to know a lot on what Microsoft has planned.

MiloGarret3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Such innocence...

He's a troll, plain and simple. Don't feed it!

OT: Questionable article.

EDIT: @whoelse
Maybe they both analyzed each others marketing strategies and decided the other had it right.

Lightsaber3192d ago

I think we actually know about the same amount for MS and sony for E3. MS just has more Hype with their games. MS has Halo and Natal while Sony has GT5 and the Arc.

Btw did anyone notice that the new features in Fable 3 include "touch" sounds like a Natal thing to me

SL1M DADDY3192d ago

I only am stating the fact that MS is the one company to come forward and hype their products and pat themselves on their own backs in order to stir trouble. They typically run with this promotional tactic by slamming the competition and fist pumping their own products yet show little in way of actual footage. Sony and Ninty have simply stated they have games up their sleeves and not to count them out. Secondly, I asked what makes the point that MS will dominate valid. That alone was an attack ont he article that I feel is warranted. The more heavy handed comment here is that the article bases their opinion on the same hype MS has shilled out. That in essence makes this article a little bogus if you ask me. It's just another article based off hype that is written to stir more hype and get the fanboys excited. The one thing it does not do however is help MS produce a product that is worthy of the hype. For that we will have to wait and see when the products are released.

starvinbull3192d ago

PGR5? No, can't see it myself.

Fable 3 I think will have a bigger audience because it's well established now but as far as consumers go I doubt it will be as well received as Fable 2 was. Just my personal opinion.

All in all I can't see M$ not dominating E3 given that the best comes out in Feb and March for PS3. Having said that though I think everyone will be unsurprised when big sequels are announced for the PS3 plus a few Arc, PSP, 3DTV reveals.


Slimdaddy, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but I see you're just trolling. Why don't you take it to the open zone?

SilentNegotiator3192d ago

3 of those games aren't even confirmed to be in development....

SL1M DADDY3192d ago

Really? What was it that I said that would be construed as trolling? So expressing an opinion about an article that is not favorable to the writers thoughts makes me a troll? Sorry, but that is pretty shallow.

gamer20103192d ago

You're a troll because you only came here to talk trash about Microsoft and the 360. You are ignorant because you seem to think only Microsoft hypes their games. You sound like a bloody blind fool to me.

SL1M DADDY3191d ago

Read some news clippings and you will see that I am not the bloody fool, only those with fanboy goggles on such as yourself are. Sorry that the truth hurts but MS is the one company known for having a mouth that runs wild and typically bashes the other companies. Sounds like you would fit right in on their payroll.

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mrv3213192d ago

Don't you love it when they make a list, run out of things and then add something that doesn't fit into the list and fully admit that it doesn't fit in the list.

Natal is not a game, and nor is saying Natal launch games.

The real killer3192d ago

No one know what Sony has to offer at E3 let alone 5 360 games possible PV version as well own the E3, very naive

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3192d ago

GT5, KillZone 3, The Last Guardian, Agent, FF 13 Versus, inFamous 2, Demon Souls 2, Resistance 3, SpaceHawk, MotorStorm 3, LBP 2...
(+im sure there is more to that we don't know about yet) ;-P

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