Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Screens

When a gamer hears that Hideo Kojima will be leading a team developing a new Castlevania game, they appropriately freak. The mastermind behind the wildly successful Metal Gear Solid games will be working on the newest iteration in the Classic Castlevania series. While not a whole lot is known about the game as of yet, XboxMessiah managed to snag some Screenshots. Enjoy!

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byeGollum3439d ago

no one is talking about Lord of Shadows. All I hear is Bayonetta or God of War 3 which is fine since they are both dopey(in a good way) games. But I think Lord of shadows will surprise some people.

Gambit073438d ago

Dude should get a new wardrobe, a red costume just looks strange.

Mr Lahey3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Let's just hope it wont be a God of War rip off ala Dantes Inferno.. There's no need for more games like that now (Gameplay wise). Both PS3 and Xbox got Bayonetta and Darksiders just recent as well..

VenerableBmoney3437d ago

Agreed. I hope they stay true to the tradition of the franchise and don't sell it out for the sheer numbers.

jalen2473438d ago

Nice graphics and art style.

EvilGost3438d ago

Screenshots from GamesCom 2009 and E3 2009...What's new?