Interview: Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Eurogamer talks with Chris Whiteside, lead designer of Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, about game improvements, new game modes (including multiplayer) and downloadable content.

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closedxxx4136d ago

If you've never played one of these games, and you own a PSP< it's a fun game and worth checking out in my opinion.
ANd it looks pretty good for a PSP gams.
Jus don't try to play it while wlaking, or you may end up in traffic.

Torch4136d ago

My wife took a chance, and, on a whim, picked up Pursuit Force for me from a used game store some time last year...and man was it ever a fun, fun title! A little frustratingly hard at times, but it kept me hooked for quite some time.

The graphics, music, non-stop action, production quality: All top-notch.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it: It reminds me a lot of that late 80's(?) video game, 'Chase H.Q.', where you a pair of cops trying to chase down criminals. While you drive, you've gotta shoot down, and bring to a halt, the baddies.

This is like that, only ten times more intense and better in every aspect.

Highly recommended!

I personally, will definitely keep my eye on it's successor.

Bi11 Gates4136d ago

Just wanted to throw that out there.

Bill Gates4135d ago


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Maccas4136d ago

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