"Next Battlefield on current consoles can be better" "In an interview with 9lives, Patrick Bach, Lead Producer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 revealed that DICE could make a better game than Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on current consoles."

9lives: Is it technically possible to expect Battlefield: Bad Company 3 for the current HD consoles?

Bach: It depends on when the new generation consoles are hitting the market, but we at DICE have no information about that. I can see us making a better videogame on the current generation of consoles, because I think we can find new ways to make a title technically more impressive than Battlefield Bad Company 2.

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HS833659d ago

Im going to go out on a limb and say these improvements in the next battlefield on consoles could be BF3 for the xbox360 and PS3. If it is true, then I hope we get higher player counts, jets and everything that warrents from BF 1942 and BF2

flankhim3659d ago

Yeah but wait for mw3 to come out. We all know who will win that one. Mw3 of course.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3659d ago

I'm pretty sure DICE has the skills to add a higher player count/map if they really wanted to. But there is something that's telling me that because its multi-platform that the 360 is holding it back. I base it soley on MAG, 256 players on a map no lag running smooth. Zipper said they could pull it off....and they did. I guess thats the story with this generation of consoles, one console (PS3) has the technical capabilities to bring something to the table, and the other(360), well ... lets face it, just puts out the same features we have seen already.

Bigbangbing3659d ago


MW3 isn't going to achieve even the HD standard resolution.

HammockGames3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

...but I'm looking forward more to BFBC3 than Outdated Glitchfare 3.

darkmurder3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

The day Battlefield 3 goes on consoles is the day the true PC games die, another dumbed down game if its true /cry.

ProjectVulcan3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

A spot of anti aliasing wouldnt hurt.....jagfest. But i dont expect a great deal more advancement from the consoles visually especially 360, til they are replaced now. Next gen should be the TRUE high definition 1080P console era. Not a whole bunch of sub HD games...

TheDudeAbides3659d ago

im sure bf3 will land on consoles

jjohan353659d ago

I would like DICE to develop a new engine. The current Frostbite engine is being a little overused and honestly it's a little outdated to my eyes. BC1 and BC2's demo so far are pretty fun though. But visually I do think Frostbite needs to have a major update.

M0t0rBreath3658d ago


R u serious? What other engine has huge maps, lots of vehicles, good amount of players, destruction, etc. Frostbite might not look as good as other titles, but it does other things way better. Plus Frostbite 2 is the future for BF games. Hopefully Frostbite 2 is used only for BF3 PC. I don't think it should be multiplat.

BF3 is a sequel to BF2, so I expect a much bigger, deeper game. A lot of ppl confuse or try to make BC2 as if it were BF3, which is NOT! BC2 is much better than the first one. Lots of improvements, but it is not BF3. BF3 will be in a different league.

M0t0rBreath3658d ago

I forgot to add, BC2 on PC looks fabulous!!!

jjohan353658d ago

Yes I'm serious. I don't see much of an improvement from BC1 to BC2.

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arakouftaian3659d ago

Maybe they saw
killzone 2
a 2009 games
that make
bad company 2
look old gen

I may buy bc2 is a ok game
if can find it cheap

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3659d ago

I'm pretty sure you didn't read the article and just commented on the headline. I was going to write more by why bother.

tdrules3659d ago

just a shame that any Battlefield game from the past decade makes Killzone 2's multiplayer look Doom era

gijsbrecht3659d ago

I know araktoufkaian didn't need to say that about BFBC2, ( although I do share his enthusiasm about KZ2 ), but to belittle KZ2's MP is way out of line, I think. It's one of the most polished I can think of. And I have played my share of MP's.

arakouftaian3659d ago

Im just saying
ofcourse bc2 could loor and be better
killzone2 is a live prove of it
im sure bbc2 is a great game
i enjoy the beta not to much the demo but its ok

Tdrules or w/e is your Nik name

yeah w/e make you happy
hal fans think that
halo look better than crysis
i know they aré some wird people
specialy here in n4g


Yeah gameplay is important
and kz2 have a great gameplay
so does halo and many other games
but noteverybody limes kz or halo or mw2
everyone have deferente test on games

but the questions here is
could bbc2 could be better?
Kz2 saya yes at léase on ps3
on Xbox i don't know

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earbus3659d ago

Dice make the best war games allways have new demo is more like bf modern combat 360 even the graphics look close which is cool heaps of players still play it ,id love to see frosbite 2142 my fav pc game so hard that game.mw2 plays more like unreal tournament small maps .Mag could evolve to be stunning

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )


+ It is 'FUN' the online Demo of 'Battlefield:Bad Company 2' ;-P

dtrain213659d ago

Only on the 360. Guarantee it will look better and no FLOPS on the superior console

mrv3213659d ago

Here's an idea... make it futuristic. 2142 with destructions, I'd love to play a MECH game with Frostbyte and the ability to free fun.

ThanatosDMC3658d ago

SAME HERE! I love trying to take one down with my quad rocket launcher or get hunted down by one. Gotta be sneaky proning though which BC2 doesnt have.

Gotta love controlling Walkers!

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