Perfect Dark XBLA/N64 Comparison

A video comparison of Perfect Dark on Xbox Live Arcade vs the original Nintendo 64 version.

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Wizziokid5268d ago

Will be getting this day 1, glad to see more Rare classics on arcade, to bad we will never get Goldeneye :(

mastiffchild5268d ago

WE dug ut the N64 to play it last year and, frankly, it was so damn clunky(ignoring the obvious graphical shortcomings)to control and play that if we hadn't aleady loved it to bits we'd have laughed at it-truly it wasn't the rosy trip down memory lane we'd been looking forwards to at all.

Even the level design, which I recalled being brilliant was pretty banal. I think PD will fare a lot better and the slight overhaul, if anything, will help it all round and I'm loking forwards to having a go at it but I fear FPS and shooters in general have moved on so damn far and so damn fast that even the very bsest of yesteryear don't stack up to even crappy modern shooters on home consoles without a little magic slap put on 'em. It was a very sad night for me and my three compadres, to be honest, and I know i'll get hated on for feeling the way I do but an untoushed VC/XBLA release of G'eye wouldn't play very well and would disappoint some older gamers while p[uzzling younger ones who were only told how great the game is/was.

Sure, modern shooters owe it a lot but it just hasn't stood up to father time very well and is, imo, best left in our glossy, flattering memories where it can remain in a time where it was still at the peak of it's genre rather than playing, today, like a murky, slightly fugly, museum piece. Maybe on a handheld or iPhone a version could be gfreat but to work on a modern home console some cosmetic work needs to be done and the best way I could think for it to reemerge would be with, perhaps, Wii or Natal controls where it's otherwise simple gameplay would again be fresh and relevant-given a bit of graphical freshening that could really work-however, a straight rerelease wuld do it's legacy no good at all and is the probable reasoning behind the upscaling of it's sister game, PD, on XBLA.

I understand that folk wwon't want to hear me saying bad things about a classic like Goldeneye(and believe me I never thought I would be doing so til we got it back in the N64!)but, honestly, I've rarely felt as flat as I did the day we played it through again. The FPS world is just so different now to how it was then that it's near impossible for a game as old as G'eye to remain relevant-no matter what it gave the genre at the time.

Looking forward to playing PD again , though, and from what I've seen they've done a really intelligent job of fixing the old girl up and smoothing a few of the rougher edges visually and gameplay wise. I really hope so, anyway, as I'd hate for another classic to lose it's lustre in my eyes. It's a shame that pioneering shooters run this risk when games in other genres don't have the worry but it's just one of those things-not as stark but in a way it's like comparing the latest Vitua Tennis with Pong-if you get my drift-life just isn;'t always fair to the games that made todays possible.

plb5268d ago

Same here, day 1 purchase..cannot go wrong for $10 and multiplayer! Speaking of which my gamertag is plbelanger add me so we can have some matches ;]

lowcarb5268d ago

So gotta get this! I hope the exclusive reveal in OXM is Golden Eye 360. Something tells me MS is listening and will at some point reveal Killer instinct 360.

kissmeimgreek5268d ago

but i would jizz in my pants if it was conkers bad fur day 2. greatest n64 game i have ever played. PLEASE MAKE ME ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!

-MD-5268d ago

I was expecting at least 1200 MSP so I was happy to hear 10 dollars, it was already a secured purchase anyways.

Interested to see what Rare is working on though, guess we'll find out at E3.

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isarai32d ago


Maybe you got your games confused but that was nothing like deus ex besides being a fps

Sonic188132d ago

It had more of mirror edge and Dying Light than dues ex

AsimLionheart31d ago

I don't get it. I watched the trailer and saw nothing mind-blowing. Why are articles trying to hype up a heavily scripted and edited supposed gameplay segment from a game stuck in development since founding of the Initiative studio in 2018? It wasn't even an actual live gameplay or a handson preview. Remember the early Crackdown 3 gameplay trailers and how the actual game looked and played?

Gameplay videos mean nothing without actual handson gameplay. This game has been in development hell for nearly 6 years with still no release date in sight. Games stuck in development hell almost never turn out to be good. People are only setting themselves up for disappointment by hyping this game up.

porkChop32d ago

Idk when I watched the gameplay to me it seemed like a mix of Deus Ex: HR and Mirror's Edge.

RaidenBlack32d ago

It had a sci-fi immersive sim feel (when not parkouring) ... which is Deus Ex's territory ... hence the comparison