Heavy Rain, the PS3 Exclusive That's Not a Game

TheWashingtonPost: Remember the phrase "interactive movie" tossed around in the 1990s when games like Myst and The 7th Guest and Gabriel Knight were in the headlines? Heavy Rain, Sony's PS3-exclusive noir murder-mystery, may be the first game worthy of what those words actually mean it

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Julie3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

A lil bit of gaming info for you:

Graphic adventure Games:

Now a list of those games:

So you say that this genre does not exist? and that all those games are no games? interesting.

Heavy Rain is a game...geeze

BulletToothtony3663d ago

these poor 15y/o trying to write articles.. (sigh)

If it was a 360 exclusive the title would say..

How MS is revolutionizing the industry yet again!!

Sony does it and people look for ways to bash it.. well guess what haters.. day 1 buy!!!

SullyDrake3663d ago

If you hold a controller and push buttons to further it, it's a game. Pretty simple.

bjornbear3663d ago

why can't people study and learn what a game is

according to GAME THEORY, a game is a situation with one or more players dealing with decisions, and choosing the best possible path to achieve a positive outcome.

HR is as much of a game as any other, and actually, it is probably a clearer example of a game than a FPS since it is the basics of what a game is:

a collection of decisions that effect the outcome = HEAVY RAIN

if you don't know this, you shouldn't be writting BS articles on the web, just because you have a website doesn't mean you are RIGHT. -_-

bnaked3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

It's an excellent article..

What do you think is an interactive movie?

Heavy Rain comes really close..

Blaze9293663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

David Cage even said it's "Not a Video Game Anymore,"

sikbeta3663d ago

Who Cares, Heavy Rain a Game/No-Game WILL BE JUST AWESOME, A Real Mature Story To Enjoy and DC is A Master with Enough Guts To Make a Totally Different Game in this Days of Shooters-everywhere

Gamers FTW!!!

morganfell3663d ago

Heavy Rain is an experience. End of story.

Hisiru3663d ago

OF COURSE Heavy Rain is a game. Nobody knows what is a Point-And-Click Adventure?

Nobody played games like Monkey Island?

Heavy Rain has the same concept (but it's very improved).

Saaking3663d ago

These hate articles are getting beyond ridiculous.

HighDefinition3663d ago

A game isn`t a game unless you can "teabag" some noobs.


RememberThe3573663d ago

you would see that the author is not knocking the game. He's saying that it is so different then anything else it is hard to label it as a videogame.

There nothing wrong with that, especially since David Cage has said the same exact thing.

HighDefinition3663d ago

Don`t need to read the artical. It doesn`t change the fact......

A game isn`t a game unless you can "teabag" some noobs.


aaron58293663d ago

but i downloaded the demo that was recently released on PSN...

oh boy... the game was intense... i tried not pressing any buttons during the fight scene.. that guy was totally beat up ... lol...

Day 1... guaranteed

Pillage053663d ago


Just wait 'til the end of the game when you find and shoot down the origami killer...then as you move over the body you notice a interaction icon pops up "x" ...teabag time.

Darkstorn3663d ago

Just because it's not a conventional video game doesn't mean it isn't interactive media. Didn't we have this same debate about MGS4? Well that game turned out arguably the best game of this generation, so will the haters please silence themselves. The reviews have proven that Heavy Rain is a great game.

popup3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Toy Story is not a film! :)

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Hellsvacancy3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I would just like 2 add how much of a pain in the ass it was 2 post this, hope its worth it (its Heavy Rain so of course it is)

Either way want Heavy Rain, i dont give a rats ass wot other people think it is, I JUST WANT IT NOW

Julie3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Why was it a pain lol? i saw at first a title like fhfhgfhgf and stuff :s haha crazy

EDIT: oh lol i see thats why i only have 1 story and i am trainee hehe :p

EDIT2: ty for the avatar thingy i love cats =)

On topic: the article is indeed nice but i get a bit mad >:3 when people forget about old games and old games genres

Hellsvacancy3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

U noticed that lol

It would let me get right up 2 the end (where u add a pic) and i kept gettin a message sayin "the servers 2 busy" or summin stupid like that, i was gettin well pissed off, i tried about 20 times

I got other news im tryin 2 post aswel (looks like Section 8 is cummin 2 the PS3) but it STILL wont let me post anythin, ive give up, im 2 stoned 2 care, im off 2-bed if my missis will let me crawl in wid her

thebudgetgamer3663d ago

and i love puppies.

on topic.

call it what you want i played the demo yesterday and it was unlike anything i have ever played, i can not wait to buy it.


Zydake3663d ago

Didn't your ps3 die? ( Read it on another article) Sucks right around Heavy Rain hope it gets fixed soon

Hellsvacancy3662d ago

Yeah man, it died 2-day whilst i was playin Flower (of all games) im in the middle of fixin it, ive stripped the whole thing down 2 the main mother-board and exposed the cpu/gpu (i think thats wot they r) but i havnt got any Thermal glue stuff nor a heat shrink gun (goin BnQ 2-moz 2-buy them) 2 fix them

Im confident i can fix it 2-u


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mrv3213663d ago

This is stupid.


Ok, in Halo or COD when you want to open a door or pick up a gun you press a certain buttons, those aren't QTE's are they? Sure heavy rain has more of them but so long as you move around in a 3D space it's a game... or 2D. And in heavy Rain you use R2 and left analogue to move. Infact since the buttons for actions vary Heavy Rain is more of a game than COD 4, Halo 3. But no everyone will look at the screen and see the buttons. Seriously it could be DONE EXACTLY the same in COD. I mean if the PRESS 'X' to jump was bigger then COD 4 would be an interactive movie? NO.

Heavy Rain is game, with a different control and exploriation mechanism but it's still a game. Are on rail shooter still a game? YES, and so is this.

Hellsvacancy3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Good point

Raf1k13663d ago

Actually you do make a decent point.
You could easily remove the icons that pop up and let the player try to figure out which button to press which would be pretty much what you get in other games.

life doomer3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

We need more games like heavy rain but, the industry doesn't take any chances.


I was about to say that in recent posts but, i'm not well with words and I wasn't in the mood to type long explanations for people to understand.

3663d ago
cmrbe3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

This exactly what Mr Cage wanted and now he has achieved it. This is exactly what i wanted as well from Heavy Rain. Something more than just a game.

The author is really impressed with HR. Its just that its so unique that he doesn't really know what to make of it. Where it excel it does exceptionally well like the emotional connection and the human animation, facial expression.

From the article
"In Heavy Rain, the characters look more like actual human beings than any I've encountered in a video game. What's more, they sound and behave more like actual human beings, too."

Realistic rendering of human being.

"So far I've directed someone to shave, shower, dress, use the bathroom, make coffee, help carry groceries, set the table, fiddle with the living room stereo, blow off work, duel with toy swords, and give his kids shoulder rides around the backyard. I've also been responsible for getting another guy to bribe someone for info, console a prostitute, and hold his own in a knock-down, drag-out fist fight."

Make what you will of these words. To me this is exactly 100% what i wanted to hear and i am sure this is what Cage really wanted to hear as well.

As i said a billion times. HR will be like going through real life of certain realistic human characters. Its not like any other unrealistic game where you end up killing 1000 enemies and saving the human race or jacking 100 cars and blowing up stuff. No, thats not HR. HR is grounded in reality.

HR is just simply a realistic rendering of 4 realistic human characters caught up in a murder investigation. So it really is like a crime movie but you are the director and decides what happens. This is something i always wanted since i was old enough to understand movies and started gaming.

insomnium3663d ago

Couldn't agree more.

I played the demo and was blown away. There was way more things to do that I thought due to all the hate here in n4g. After the demo I changed the comment in my psn avatar to "Heavy Rain FTMFW!". I LOVED IT!