Download Command And Conquer: Tiberian Sun And Firestorm For Free

While you wait for Command and Conquer 4's release, why not play a previous game in the series for no charge? Today EA released Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun and its expansion Firestorm as freeware.

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KillaManiac3660d ago

Cool...hope the online works for it.

gaffyh3660d ago

OMG, I was just talking about Tiberian Sun the other day, definitely gonna download this!!!

mrv3213660d ago

Because I hate installing softwere for one time use. I reinstall Vista allmost everytime I past 10 programs. I just do.

sukru3660d ago

I've been using 7-zip instead of WinRAR for a long time now. Unlike WinRAR, this one is free.

IdleLeeSiuLung3660d ago

I hate installing third parties software when there is one perfectly working called zip!

With that said, there is the open source and free 7-zip which works pretty well.

duplissi3660d ago

interesting... why would you go through all that trouble

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JsonHenry3660d ago

They are giving these good games away so that when you finally play CnC4 you will realize what a kick to the balls they just gave you as a fan of the series and how badly they have ruined the game.

TheBand1t3660d ago

I wouldn't say Tiberian Sun was their best work by a long shot.

ProjectVulcan3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Tiberian sun is still pretty good though....Red alert 2 is my personal fave i think.

JsonHenry3660d ago

No, it was not their best work. But it is still hella better than the crap they are gonna give us next month.

I guess if I knew I was going to be laid off then I would probably crap out on my last project as well. They should not have told the team they were shutting them down until AFTER they had completed their last project.

peeps3660d ago

true. i appreciate the series needed a bit of a 'reboot' but the new game isn't c&c, but it isn't even fun imo.

it seems the only tactic is deploy ur bases around abjectives and pump out as many units as possible

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MajesticBeast3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

The days where the command and conquer series was actually good. I played red alert 3 but didnt like it very much.

JsonHenry3660d ago

Dude, have you actually played any of the games WestWood made since leaving and making Petroglyph? THEY SUCK!

But they did do good with their limited time in the CnC franchise.

STK0263660d ago

"their limited time with the CnC franchise"? You mean, from Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn to Command and Conquer Renegade, which includes the likes of Red Alert and Red Alert 2?

The day Westwood closed to become EA Pacific, the Command and Conquer franchise died. With Generals, they removed everything that made the CnC franchise and replaced it with StarCraft-like gameplay set in the modern era. Gone were the cutscenes, the sidebar and well pretty much everything else. Since then, they only try to go back to what made CnC great in the first place, bringing back KAne, the Kirovs, and the likes.

Red Alert 3 was a joke compared to Red Alert 2 and the Uprising pack was just plain bad. I'll buy CnC4 to see the ending of what used to be one of my favorite franchise, but I'm just glad they say it's the ending, as I hope they end the slow and painful death CnC has been suffering in the last years.

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