Blu-ray takes lead in the war for your sitting room

Manufacturers and Hollywood studios have been pushing two different formats, and consumer confusion reigns. Sony is leading the fight for Blu-ray DVD players, so-called because they use a blue laser instead of the red beam in standard players. Toshiba and Microsoft are among the big names promoting HD DVD.

Since the first high definition players began appearing last year, the battle for hearts and wallets has been on a level. Last week, however, video rental group Blockbuster tipped the scales in Sony's favour.

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Blasphemy4132d ago

That information is only stating what Sony said back in May that they have shipped 5.5 million PS3s..

nix4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

it's just like 360 "sold" 12 millions...

if it is true then hey! who's complaining...? q:

EDIT: @Jenzo (below):

yup.. dude, you could be right.

InMyOpinion4132d ago

I think they mean Blu-Ray players sold totally, not just counting PS3's...

FordGTGuy4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

this means that they usually count shipped as sales because they get paid for all the ones shipped because the retailers that sell them buy them from Microsoft and Sony.

For Example.
Microsoft sells Xbox 360 to retailer for 350$(guess) then the retailer sells Xbox 360 for 400$.

ImWithStupid4132d ago

Phil Harrison in his latest interview said they are "very pleased" with how the console is selling. Sounds like alot of these "sales numbers" sites are lying out right out of their ass.

Playstation is an extremely strong name which has been subjected to the widest most well coordinated smear campaign in the history of gaming.

FordGTGuy4132d ago

is that why there are stacks of them in every gaming store now?

ImWithStupid4132d ago

and that is your evidence that they aren't selling??

one could easily turn around and say that Sony has resolved their production and supply issues. They shipped 5.5 million at the end of march and it is now 3 months later. What's so hard to believe??

does the notion of the PS3 selling well scare the crap out of yur inner xbot?

Violater4132d ago

I have been around and seen piles of both 360 and ps3, usually smack dab as you enter the store, "sh!t I said are they giving them away" Its just store marketing strategy.
But yes the PS3 isn't selling as much.

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The story is too old to be commented.