IGN: Alan Wake Impressions

After a number of delays, it turns out it's not that long until you all get to play Remedy's Alan Wake. Just recently it was confirmed the game will be ready by May 18th of this year, so what is it that has everyone excited about the latest game from the studio that brought you Max Payne? Part of the game was being shown off at Microsoft's X10 press event in San Francisco, where Remedy was on hand giving a short presentation.

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hazardman3668d ago

This game is s must buy for me..Why doesn't MS do this every year..It's sad we had to wait a long time to get some many great titles in 1 calendar yr..but whatever there making it up for it BIG TIME!! The graphics look impressive as well. The story is probably some crazy sh!t..seeing as how them Max Payne dudes made the game..Can't wait for May 18th..

3668d ago