Final Fantasy XIII to Resurrect Dying JRPG Market

To hear FFXIII developers speak you would think that everything is simply peachy on the Eastern front. European and Western customers have been screaming for less "Japanese" sensibilities in their stories and more Western themed ideologies. Will FFXIII give JRPGs one last chance?

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saint_john_paul_ii3659d ago

you actually believe this is going to happen when they do Stupid S**t like this?

Simon_Brezhnev3658d ago

i could careless about FF13 after i read what the japanese think about it. no towns and lazy devs = no buy. We all know the towns are going to be part of DLC.

MajestieBeast3659d ago

Westernization is the death of jrpgs dragon quest is gonna be fine without a new battle system unlike ff13s system which just looks lackluster. They are trying to attract the wrong crowd with 13 they have a fanbase and most of them are dissapointed with 13.

Godmars2903658d ago

I just know that just like I don't want to see the grizzled vet going off to save the world in his general badass manner, I sick of ten year olds coming of age while they do the say same, as they remain ten years old.