Saints Row 3 Wishlist

TheGamersHub writes:

"Saints Row 2 was an amazing option to GTAIV and did a lot of things better than GTA did. It was more fun, felt more open and let you get creative with killing and such. Heck, it let you fly many different kinds of air vehicles not just a few helicopters. With THQ announcing its fiscal 2011 and 2012 lineup, and Saints Row 3 being apart of it we at TheGamersHub have decided to make a little list of our personal wish list of what we want in Saints Row 3. So here it goes…"

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Blaze9293662d ago

Only thing right off the back I wish for is complete online co-op just like Saints Row 2. Had a freakin amazing time playing Saints Row 2 from start to end online with my buddy

Julie3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I bought this game and was like meh lets try it, and now i love it! , this game has a lot of fun stuff to do , and lots of exploration :)

I mean SR2 just in case

yesah3661d ago

something i would really love is being able to go inside many, if not all buildings. I dont just mean the shops and stuff, but everything. also the ability to build and blow up buildings....that would be awsome. beyond that saints row 2 did everything else right.

ShadyDevil3662d ago

That was a great part of the game. Im currently going to be playing through it for my 4th time. Game is so fun. Theres still so much to do and master. Check out my other articles Blaze. Peace

cyguration3662d ago

They actually make the game work for PC? I feel sorry for everyone else who paid for a completely broken experience.

Even if a PC surpasses the recommended specs it runs like poop on a stick.

farhsa20083662d ago

saints row is now the king of sandbox, gta 4 was the biggest letdown in this generation.

yesah3661d ago

GTAIV Campaign was amazing. I played through it start to finish, pinned to the screen the entire time. Did you even play the game?

farhsa20083661d ago

of course i played the game, why else would i comment on what a waste of space it was if i didnt play it?