New Games with Gold for July 2020

News Wire - "Today, we’re excited to reveal Games with Gold for July! On Xbox One, command your rally car to victory in extreme conditions in WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship and rule the court with high-flying dunks and confidence-smashing rejections in Dunk Lords."

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sushimama394d ago

Games with Gold is a constant joke. They should really merge it with GamePass.

CrimsonIdol394d ago

I mean, it IS merged with Game pass. you get game pass you get games with gold.

Monster_Tard393d ago

No GWG aren't included with Game Pass, unless it's Game Pass Ultimate.

CrimsonIdol393d ago

Ah my mistake, I have ultimate. But now that you mention it I do remember them getting me with the upsell, seemed a bit silly not to spend the couple bucks extra for Xbox live (and I guess also games with gold).

darthv72394d ago

Dunk Lords has a sort of NBA Jam vibe to it so that might be fun. I like rally racers but much prefer the Sega type (arcade style) over the more realistic ones. So that may be a pass. I already have SR2 on disc so I dont need that one. Juju looks cute in a DKC/Rayman sort of way so that might be worth a try. Overall though... its pretty bland month.

RgR394d ago

Not sure who the target audience for this month was but it aint me.

DragonWarrior19394d ago

Hmmm well Saints Row 2 is something.

ps3rider394d ago

Honestly the gold term here was a bad choice .. when it says gold it give impress there is silver and bronze before.

PS+ name is better

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