IGN UK Review: Alien vs. Predator

IGN UK Writes: The three species set-up feels generous even at a time when people demand so much of their games, but it's a premise that dates back to Rebellion's first Aliens vs. Predator in 1994. While much has changed it still feels a little rusty – this isn't as slick as a Modern Warfare or Halo and its production values feel like they're from a different age, with poor textures and the occasional unimaginative set-piece belying the fact that underneath the HD dazzle is a core idea that's changed little in over 15 years. But that never truly detracts from how much fun is to be had throughout Aliens vs. Predator's myriad modes as Rebellion leans heavily on the source material, creating a game that's going to stoke the hearts of anyone who ever fell in love with the original films – which is likely anyone who's ever picked up a game pad.

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buckethead_9113659d ago

Colour me surprised! I thought this was gonna be sh!t after reading how bad Rogue Warrior and Shellshock were.

Coffin873659d ago

i was fearing the worst.. wasn't there some review with 5/10 or something? glad to see it is not doing THAT bad. ^^

Johandevries3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

That was Game Informer, and Game Informer sucks.
It was a bad review of about 200 words without some kind of clear message, just some random crap written down in frustration. They didn't even mention the PC version in the platform information.

buckethead_9113659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I agree with you. The review was by GaneInformer and they gave it a 5.75.

EDIT: Johan beat me to it, lol.

Rockox3659d ago

For whatever reason, I never expected this game to score well. Either way, it doesn't matter, because I'm picking it up Day One.


StanLee3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

This is not an 8.5 game. Seriously, IGN really has no credibility when it comes to reviews. The take so much money from corporate sponsorships that you can trust a word they print. When was the last time they gave a much publicized game a mediocre score?!

nix3659d ago

ok.. then. will wait for other reviews... just to see if it's a good game. normally, all movie games are crap.

CWMR3659d ago

-This is good news. I have had so much fun playing the demo and I kept thinking to myself 'there is no way that this deserves anything close to a 5.5 like Game Informer gave it'. This IGN score is definitely closer to what I would expect based on what I have experienced in the demo. This game's multiplayer is one of the few multiplayer games that I can actually say feels fresh and different. I'm getting the game. That's how much I have enjoyed the demo. I'm addicted to it now.-

raztad3659d ago

I have to agree with stanlee there. Wait for more reviews.

DecoyOctopus3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Xbox magazine gave this a 8/10 so it's a great game, Game informer is the worst crap on the whole internet their review was written by a 12 year old kid with aspergers

StrikerZ3ro1123659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

This is not a movie game, the movie was based on the original games, the first of them was made by the same developers as this game.It's more of a remix of their first popular game.

Also, why are people complaining about the graphics? They look great to me, character models are amazing and the lighting is solid. Also the jungle environments look spectacular as well.

And one more thing, those of you who are complaining about how bad the demo was. Deathmatch is without a doubt the weakest gametype of them all. I don't think this game was made to be a free for all, It's more team based, it was a poor decision on the developers part to make that the only playable game type in the demo.

nycredude3659d ago

Don't fall for IGNs BS. Game Informer is notoriously easy on game with their reviews so if they gave this a 5.75 then it's a no buy and rent at best. After all the shananigans of IGN you still take them seriously? Hell no. Too many good games out to waste on this BS. Production crap, textures crap... 8.5? Is it that much better than MAG? BS!

MK_Red3659d ago

nycredude, I'm not trying to judge either of IGN or GI but if you think GI is always soft on games then why they gave something around 6 to original No More Heroes?

Back to topic, glad to see this game getting a better score than GI's. Hopefully the final game is more like what IGN UK says and a better than the demo.

FragGen3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Given that they were dumb enough to release a freaking DOA demo, I'm thinking this has "rent before buying" written all over it.

One decent review does not mean the game can't completely suck. LOL. Definitely need more data.

Nikuma3659d ago

Aliens mostly come out at night.........Mostly.

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IrishAssa3659d ago

Whoops , I duplicated this by accident, I was happy to see it got a high score.
Game Informer's review indeed sucked whale coc*

chak_3659d ago

after playing the demo (which is a demo we agree on that), the game deserve more the GI score than IGN's.

A 8.5 would mean a huge improvement, both in term of gameplay and graphics imho

Johandevries3659d ago

Well in these days of 9s and 10s for Modern Warfare 2, reviewers don't care about quality, but about the secret money they get.

josephayal3659d ago

not bad for a average 4/10 game

Double Toasted3659d ago

Big sigh of relief, I'm sorry but I'm a huge Aliens and Predator fan and if this would've bombed hard...I don't know what I would've done.

I felt like this franchise has been ran into the ground and this game, along with the Robert Rodriguez's flick(Predator flick) thats coming, would be the only hope of re-energizing the franchise.

memots3659d ago

What would you have done ?? What would you have DOOONE !!!!

Seriously you need to get a life. How and why a review would affect your life this much is a mystery to me.

Play the game and chill out its just a game.

3659d ago
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