Graphic Heavy Rain Scene Leaked

NextGN writes: "Below is a clip that demonstrates just how emotionally exhausting this game is. It is filmed with what appears to be a High-Definition video camera. Though, be warned, watching it may spoil the impact these scene might have on you."

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PeterPanParadox3657d ago

Oh my freakin´ god! Definitely getting this game! EPIIIC FOOTAGE!

villevalorox3657d ago

I want to watch so bad!!! :(

FamilyGuy3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Talk about choices O.o

intense friggin game, I don't think I could handle too much of that and I hope parents pay attention to the rating as this truly deserves to be rated M.

I never felt so caring towards what happened to a video game character before.

It's just a game, it's just a game, it's just a game that can fvck up your head and maybe give you nightmares.

Unless your kid has been completely desensitized (thanks to the Saw movies or something) don't let them play this game!

SL1M DADDY3657d ago

This is friggin" crazy!

If i was ever on the fence about this game, after that footage, I am no longer thinking about getting it, I AM getting it!

leila013657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Heavy Rain, God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII are all I'm getting in March.

I watched the first 30 seconds and OMG the game went from my #3 to straight up my #1 most anticipated.

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thabigboss3657d ago

holy crap that was some gruesome stuff.Imagine if your in a situation like that in real life.

anh_duong3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

i was in this situation once.. a real life or death situation.

i was queueing at burger king and couldn't decide to go large or not.. life or death situations don't come much harder than this..

for your guide i went large but it was after only only much angst and trepidation

Lemmiwinks3657d ago

there so simple but yet so hard to make lol, how many times you go large and reg wouldve been fine lol and vice versa lol and you beat me too the saw thing too lol hah :p

Raoh3657d ago


i need to play this game now...

omega_red3657d ago

videogames like that are plain stupid..who would play a self-mutilated game. This game should be banned

anh_duong3657d ago

you never seen Saw before??

Lemmiwinks3657d ago

theres like what six SAW movies which are 100 times more gruesome and sadistic....that wasnt even that bad watching some of the movies out there gave me way worse of a feeling. if i have a choice when i play the game id use a meat cleaver nice clean red dont be such a pansy even women wouldnt find that many girls love the saw movies... your just trolling i bet you think sawing a person in half in gears isnt gruesome right, but thats totally different.

GamerPS3603657d ago

watching movie and pushing button to make your avatar to do something in immersive environment is different.

anh_duong3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

shooting civilians in a computer game is bad too??

i get it the next headline for heavy rain is "heavy rain is too immersive"

GamerPS3603657d ago

You think that everything in game is just game. But, everyone has their limit, game or not. My limit don't cross this scene.

Worse things happens in real life than in game but that doesn't mean I gotta see everything.

anh_duong3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

well actually, you don't have to do the self-mutilation.. if you know anything about how heavy rain works you would know that you can choose not to go ahead. the story continues without you making the self-sacrifice.. this is the whole point of heavy rain.. it creates immersion... you make the decisions as if you are living the scene out..

there is no traditional gameover..

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GamerPS3603657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Well, there, I won't be playing this game. I can't do stuff like that. I know it's game but just watching that vid was immersive enough for me.

I can shoot zombies. I can road kill on GTA IV, I can just kill anyone on AC2 but this is different.

krisq3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago ) Heavy Rain. That's what this is all about. Consequences of your actions.

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