GamingTrend: Heavy Rain Review

GT writes: "In 2006, Quantic Dream unveiled the first tech demo for Heavy Rain to an unsuspecting closed-door E3 crowd. The theme was apparent from the start – the most realistic and compelling character driven story they could muster, coupled with the power of incredible visuals, unique and immersive controls, and realistic physics. Fast forward to today as we see the release of Heavy Rain, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Given how much Heavy Rain relies on experiences and your reactions to them, it will unfold differently for every player – here is mine. These initial story moments may reveal a bit of the storyline, but they serve to set the tone of the game – spoilers will be minimized as much as possible, and will only be from the first hour of the game."

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Michael-Jackson3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Another Great Score, It's Raining Tears!!! ;-D

nix3659d ago

Destructoid and Games Radar's (7/10) score is sticking out like a sore thumbs in meta. boy.. they must have been really sore. losers!

i'm expecting Edge to join their ranks soon.