Bring Back the Bots!

OXCGN looks at Bots in multiplayer and how current multiplayer without them is lacking. Includes poll of your opinion:

"There I was- in the middle of the desert in the presumed blistering heat with my rifle, waiting nervously for any sign of an enemy when, suddenly, one jumps out of the sand dune and shoots me in the head.

I was playing Far Cry 2 online with a group of people I didn't know, and despite having just been taken out, was having fun.

But it just wasn't the same as when I played local split-screen multiplayer with my friends and family at home- especially with extra game AI-controlled bots."

BadCircuit5277d ago

LOL I presume you mean X-bots....

gaminoz5277d ago

Well 360 does have a couple of games that use bots: gears of war 2 (horde mode), Perfect Dark Zero, and the Left 4 Deads. Does Sony have any games on PS3 that use bots in multi?

Though I don't advocate X-botism...just wondering...

PoSTedUP5277d ago

resistances, and i remember a few others, just cant think right now. it was ok but not as fun as old school bots. timesplitters, redfaction were some of my favorites.

Dutch Boogie5277d ago

Yeah we have enough of them here as it is.

aaron58295277d ago (Edited 5277d ago )

oh wait... oh you mean.. bots.. as in bots.. ok

Bathyj5277d ago

Yeah Aaron, but we cant shoot them.

edgeofblade5276d ago

Yep. KZ2 had bots and they were implemented very well, IMHO.

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-Alpha5277d ago

especially online split screen like Halo.

Ridiculous amount of fun, and in all honesty local multiplayer is sorely missed this gen.

BadCircuit5277d ago

I TOTALLY agree with you. Split screen is much better socially and like the article says one reason why the Wii is still going so strong despite its weaknesses.

But really you need bots like the author says to fill up some cannon fodder and add that frantic pace. 007 Nightfire and Timesplitters rule because of that.

XboxOZ3605277d ago

Definitely agree 110% there mate.

Too many developers are caught up in the wonders of online MP .. yet forget there is a huge market that does not want that level of involvement.

Notice the games that include the split screen and the bots do really good sales when compared to those that do not offer that. The article shows some very good examples of that . . .

PoSTedUP5277d ago

i have a lot of fun with socom online. but there was nothing as fun as playing redfaction2 and timesplitters3 with my cousin, split screen, with bots... we loved it.

Elven65277d ago

Bots are great, especially if they are used in online matches as well to make up for a missing player. In games like PDZ, Shadowrun, etc if a team member leaves a bot takes their place, once a human member joins the bot is removed and the team member is put in its place.

I remember having tons of fun with bots in on the first 007 game on the N64 by EA, Tomorrow Never Dies I think. Bots and local player support are two things that should never die.

socomnick5277d ago

Bots are a waste of developer time, they require complex ai and are just wasteful and not needed anymore.

They are better off wasting the time making new levels, weapons and polishing the game instead.

BadCircuit5277d ago

@ socomnic

You want to talk about wasting time and effort: unless you are one of the top shooters (MW2 etc.) your game isn't going to get much play online anyway after awhile. THAT's the waste when someone could be playing (and keeping) your game because it has local multi and bots.

5277d ago
STK0265277d ago

I'd like to have both split-screen and bots, like, you know, in the original perfect dark. Funny thing is, the only game since Perfect Dark to feature 4 players split-screen with "controllable" bots, co-op, counter-op and customizable weapon choices in multilayer, will actually be the Perfect Dark remake, atleast on consoles.

JonnyBadfinger5277d ago

For me Conkers: LIVE and Reloaded split screen multiplayer with bots was the most fun i had ever had playing a video game. Perfect Dark Zero did a decent job, but then again i didnt have Xbox LIVE when the game launched to had no choice but to use bots.

Seems RARE are the only developers who still slip them in every now and then.

Seriously i gunna go play some Conkers now.... if i can find it. Teddiz for the WIN! Love the names the Bots were given in Conkers as well...SCARLET ROMP, the inspiration behind my name.

Real Gambler5276d ago

9 games out of 10 are absolutely boring because the AI is bad (well, they are great the first time, maybe the second time, but after that?). We don't need more games with bots, but simply more games with better AI which, on the current console, is pretty hard to do without loosing something else. Until then, if I want interaction with somebody while playing, I attend a local LAN party. Sure I'm lucky enough to have Xbox and PS3 lan party in my area as well, so it does help.

raztad5276d ago

You can set up offline matches against bots in KZ2. Elite bots can be really though.

edgeofblade5276d ago (Edited 5276d ago )

I think bots are incredibly important. They let users experience the multiplayer game without immersing in the uber-leet environment that every game turns into within a week of release. Not everyone wants to learn the ins and outs of an online game while the veterans yell "noob" at them.

But when there is a robust online, bots detract from the online population.

It's a balancing act, to be sure. I especially like games that can drop bots into a game and then replace them with real players as the game goes on.

@raztad: Bots in KZ2 were great... BUT when GG decided to unlock all the upgrades in offline mode, I lost all drive to play online anymore.

raztad5276d ago


People were using bots to level up. It was a necessary fix.

I just used them to get used to the online gameplay, when I felt comfortable enough I jumped into the fray.

aGameDeveloper5275d ago (Edited 5275d ago )

There are a couple of issues I have with split-screen gaming:

1. Reduced and distorted screen-space: The visuals were designed with the full screen in mind (5:4 or 16:9). Horizontal or vertical splits for two-players do not preserve this aspect ratio. Four-way splits do, but at a serious loss of resolution.

2. Reduced performance and/or loss of graphic quality: Splitting the screen doubles, triples or quadruples the number of times the world needs to be rendered per frame. While there are fewer pixels to render for each player, this is still a significant performance penalty. Developers often disable rendering features to compensate.

Add to these the fact that bots take a good amount of CPU to simulate, as well as a good amount of memory to store the data structures needed to run them.

The performance/memory requirements are the main reasons you don't see a lot of split-screen-with-bots on modern consoles - developers tend to feel there is more payoff in devoting system resources to better graphics (for single player or online multiplayer). PC has performance to spare, so bots on PC games are much easier to justify. The PC control scheme is not friendly to split-screen, however.

So console-only games are the most likely to support split-screen. PC-only games are the most likely to support bots. And multi-platform games (where there's the most profit for developers) are the most likely to limit support to online multi-player with no bots...

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XboxOZ3605277d ago (Edited 5277d ago )

Yes please!!!!

I prefer to play against them than half the idiots that infest XboxLIVE fro instance.

At least you have a fighting chance of playing a decent game, providing the developer has done their work properly.

Not everyone wants to play with mindless twits online, not everyone wants to submit their families to those people as well, especially if it may include a younger member of the family playing the game.

Bots server a greater purpose . . . they do need to be brought back.

gaminoz5277d ago

I agree that bots and split screen need to be more a focus again with developers. No matter how online has grown it still has its limitations and only a few games keep getting played. With offline and bots then the games's multi can be played forever.

Also I like how a couple of games (Gears of War 2 Horde mode and Left 4 Dead) are using bots within a co-operative multi (online or off)framework.

But definetly more offline split screen and with bots too to go with the online which could also use bots to fill up rooms and games or in co-op modes.

Umbrella Corp5277d ago

When the zombie apocalypse hits and im in my bunker 200 ft down I doubt Im gonna find anyone online so yeah bots and split screen should be a focus.