Full Activision Blizzard Financial Call Breakdown

Activision Blizzard's Q3 financials revealed quite a few nuggets of information on their performance over the 2009 holiday period and also brought news of new releases coming scheduled for 2010. We know you probably don't want to sit through the whole call, so we've oulined all the key points worth noting along with the slides if you want to get stuck into how much money they made.


Apologies, should read Q4 there. Can't edit it now though.

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Medievaldragon3658d ago

I saw love Mike Morhaime for saying the sweet words: Starcraft II Beta and Late February (which translates to: NOW !!!)

DJDarkstar3658d ago

Aye, It is coming soon definately, I like it :D

Cogo3658d ago

I wonder if it could be any truth to the rumours of starting with the Jace Hall show?

Maticus3657d ago

Yay, SCII is FINALLY on the way. How long has it been delayed by, a year??

kerriganss3658d ago

This day, shall be remembered forever!

Cogo3658d ago

Well, until the beta actually STARTS, and when the game is released ;)

Leord3658d ago

While the info is very cool, I think this day itself will likely be forgotten :P

Medievaldragon3658d ago

For Adun, Tassadar Toridas my brethren.

Redrudy3658d ago

I tried listening to it live but it did my head in so thanks for the run down of it all.

Leord3658d ago

God damn there were many numbers!

Cogo3658d ago

God yeah! I mean, I think I have heard "million" and "percent" a million times now!

Thanks for this!

DJDarkstar3658d ago

Definately an interesting read, and good to see the how they are going financially hehe.

c0de3658d ago

Keep an eye out on Activision Blizzard!

theCHUNK3658d ago

I listened to it live - was pretty interesting to hear how they present the financial business stuff. Kind of made me want to invest in them.

Redrudy3658d ago

hah! someone else said the same thing to me earlier. I know of two people who bought shares in Blizzard years ago so they must be feeling very pleased with themselves. Wish I had had the sense to do that.

Leord3658d ago

Yeah me too. I think their stocks are still quite low in price. I got that interest myself.

How o I go about it? Never bought stocks before!

DJDarkstar3658d ago

Nor have I, but Blizzard would be the company I would invest in for sure hehe.

haqshot3658d ago

I have owned shares of Activision Blizzard for some time now, and my personal recommendation would be to buy now. The stock price is incredibly low now mainly due to weakness in the gaming industry overall. Individually, AB is still just as incredible as ever with fantastic future prospects.

Buy it up!

Mikeyy3657d ago


How do you handle your stocks? internet, Stock Broker, Ect?

haqshot3657d ago

I handle most of it online through E-Trade. It's very easy. It is always smart for ANYONE, especially younger people, to invest in stocks. I would strongly recommend it. Be sure to do your research though because it is just as easy to lose money. While I can personally recommend Activision Blizzard based on my research, most beginners would be safer by investing in an ETF of the S&P 500 index.

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