5 Reasons to get a Wii in 2010

Hard Line writes "I know a lot of people are saying 'I ain't buying a Wii', or 'I already have a real console', but I will counter that, and present the 5 best reasons to buy a Wii in 2010."

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Fullish5272d ago

Oh. That Vitality sensor has got me sold.

Shadow Flare5271d ago

You know, im usually good at detecting sarcasm, but I can't work out if this article is trying to give genuinely good reasons to buy a wii, or if its sarcasticly showing that there's nothing worth buying one for

Seriously, their first reason is a wiiware game where you play as a slab of meat. I'll counter that title with Gran Turismo 5. No, I am not going to buy a wii for that game. Also in that list is the vitality sensor. Thats when I couldn't tell if they were being sarcastic. No, I am not going to buy a wii for a vitality sensor. I have a ps3. Wii is just the WORST games console since the Sega Saturn

Time Lord5271d ago

DON'T GO ANYWHERE NEAR IT. i haven't turned mine on for almost 5 months! even my my niece got bored of it.

tunaks15271d ago

5)Monster Hunter Tri
4)tatsunoko vs Capcom
3)Mario galaxy 2
2)Metroid Other M
1)Zelda Wii
If that doesn't even make you consider buying a Wii, then your crazy!

TheHardLine5271d ago

'Zelda Wii', no way a new one is coming out in 2010

Fullish5271d ago

"In January 2010, Nintendo Executive Satoru Iwata stated that the game would be coming out some time in 2010"

Jamescagney5271d ago

tunaks1 has the reasons covered. Exclusives galore.

TheBand1t5271d ago

5. Don't care
4. Don't care
3. Don't care
2. Do want
1. Maybe want

Jamescagney5271d ago

Well at least we can agree on Metroid Other M Band1t. Just not everything else.

(He doesn't want Mario Galaxy 2? He must be crazy!?)

Michael-Jackson5271d ago (Edited 5271d ago )

5 Don't Want
2)Don't Want

DeepInterludium5271d ago

I liked the Wii better when it was called the Gamecube and didn't have controls so bad you have to buy an add-on for it.

tunaks15271d ago

"I liked the Wii better when it was called the Gamecube and didn't have controls so bad you have to buy an add-on for it."
Well I liked discussing video games with my fellow gamers until retards who started playing on the PS1 called them selves HARDCOREZ!!!! and trolled. Go back under the bridge.

DeepInterludium5271d ago

I don't know why you're criticizing me. From your list, you obviously like "hardcore" games.

Wii is a Gamecube at 5 times the price with a controller that isn't precise. That's why 3rd parties are running away from the system with real games and are instead going to make casual games.

Wii's top games are Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Wii Fit. What a great list :|

ZoidsRaven5271d ago

Do you know how powerful the Wii is compared to the gamecube?
I'm guessing you don't. If you did, you wouldn't have posted something so ignorant and misinformed.

But I guess it's ok to copy the fanboy posts on this site, than use them as your own. But don't worry, you're not alone. 90% of the Sony & MS fanboys (who somehow find their way to the Wii section) do the same in this section. 7_7

baum5271d ago (Edited 5271d ago )

Not many can get all consoles. At some point you have to consider all libraries to make the final decision, and 3rd parties are starting to port everything to HD consoles from Wii. Wii has yet to get any of the amazing IPs that have graced HD consoles and PC. Considering that 360 online costs and that all its exclusives are on PC (which everyone has) and PS3, there is no reason to get a 360 if you are rational. And now that the novelty is wearing off for the Wii, there are hardly good reasons to get a Wii if you don't like their first party efforts. With PS3 you get most games available on the market, tons of high quality exclusive content, free online play that doesn't suck like it does on Wii, and the best HD multimedia center and blu-ray player, nobody can go wrong getting a PS3. If you want motion controls, PS3 is getting them too.

5th Devil of the Ful5271d ago

Actually you can go wrong with the PS3.

As for the 360 and wii, they had something I as a gamer needed. GAMEPLAY. Playing games on games on the PS3 that I can't play on the 360 & wii, felt like a experience at the movies. Yes PS3 games got good graphics, stories, character development and voice acting.
But it's games gameplay is kinda boring IMO (I fell asleep almost every time I played MGS4), and as a gamer gameplay shouldn't be boring. Gameplay, that's all I ( I ) care about in gaming.

So not everyone can go right with the ps3.

Theonik5271d ago (Edited 5271d ago )

From the games posted:
5) Don't want
4) Don't want
3) Don't want
2) Maybe want
1) Want
Oh well not buying a Wii for 3-4 games in total that interest me.
Dolphin works great for that :D
Also the Wii is not much different than the gamecube, infact will controls were originally designed as a gamecube add-on.
Also @above, PS3 doesn't only have 1 exclusive, get over it.

5th Devil of the Ful5271d ago

To what proof (must be confirmed by Nintendo tthemselves) can you give that it was planed to be an 'gamecube add-on'?

I only used one game as an example, I can give more if you like.
By the way, keep in mind that it's only my opinion.

JosiahB5271d ago

My reasons are simillar to tunaks1s:

1)Zelda Wii
2)Monster Hunter tri
3)Metroid Other M
4)Red Steel 2
5)Super Mario Galaxy 2

I really could care less about the other three reasons that they mentioned that were not on my list...

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iseven5271d ago

I'll get one if the Vitality sensor came with a rumble pack inside of it. Yea, you know where i'm going with this.


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